Pennsylvania Quitclaim Deed

Although not as well known or understood as a [tag-tec]common deed[/tag-tec], a Quitclaim Deed is an important document that’s typically executed when the property isn’t sold. Some common situations requiring a Quitclaim Deed include when the owner dies and bequeaths the property to someone, when the owner wants to add the spouse’s name to the title, when a former spouse’s name is removed as part of a divorce settlement or when the property is transferred to a living trust.

If you must transfer title on a piece of real estate, it’s important clearly spell out how that property will be transferred. No matter what the reason for transferring the property, a Quitclaim Deed is essential.

With a properly written and completed [tag-ice]Quitclaim Deed[/tag-ice], you’ll be insulated from legal challenges should the grantee of the property finds problems, or if a forgotten lien holder emerges from the woodwork. If you’re transferring property, a Quitclaim Deed reduces your risk – only if it’s properly completed.

This [tag-tec]Quitclaim Deed[/tag-tec] form package gives you all the tools to create a thorough and legally binding Quitclaim Deed, including the deed itself and instructions and a checklist for Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Quitclaim Deed
Pennsylvania Quitclaim Deed

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