Why It’s Important To Be Your Own Webmaster – And What It Involves

It is important for you to always be in control of your web site. There will always need to be some changes, even if it’s just putting new content on the site. Sometimes repairs must be made, prices changed, etc. These have to be done rapidly so it’s better if you can do what you need to at your own discretion.

When you rely on someone else to control your site and make changes for you, you can have delays and mistakes take place. This can cost you sales and lost income. When you want changes to happen on your site to boost your marketing ability and relay new campaigns, if your web designer is busy, gets delayed in making these changes, it can be a real problem So it’s better to create the website and control it yourself.

What will it take for you to be your own webmaster and control your site?

1. Have a good word processor like Microsoft word. This is an invaluable tool even when you are not using it for your website.

2. Learn how to upload via FTP. A good FTP program is necessary if your web host does not provide this feature. They are fairly simple to use.

3. Have an HTML editor that allows you to just copy and paste from your word processor, without too much knowledge of HTML. Dreamweaver and Front page are among the leading HTML editors and are fairly simple to use.

4. There are many places on the web where you can find templates for your site. Your editor should have some, but you can get them elsewhere for almost nothing or free.

5. Graphics: sometimes your business will need some graphics and you will need a photo editor for this. One of the most common is Photo Shop. Graphics are for a little more advanced user, so try to avoid this in the very beginning until you become more expert.

All software programs should have good tutorials and have good customer service to help you with technical problems. There is a lot of good information online as well and much of it is free.

Building your own website can be a lot of fun and is one of the challenges of online business. Keep everything simple until you get the hang of it. Start reading everything you can get your hands on to know how to design your own website. Start first with a simple site for marketing, then as you learn, you can do a theme content website. After you master the elementary steps needed for these websites you can go on to learn different techniques and build more complex websites.

You will feel quite proud of your accomplishments in controlling your own web site and being your own webmaster. You can fit it specifically for your business needs and run your business successfully online.

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- Dan Farrell

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