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Driving website traffic is considered the holy grail to thousands of Internet entrepreneurs. By counting the number of traffic hits to a website one can tell how healthy – and successful – the site really is. Below are a few suggestions on how the pros do it.

Among the benefits of a steady stream of visitors to your site are the higher likelihood of sign-ups as well as a greater number of clicks on your ads. On top of this a popular site draws the attention of other internet users and brings even more visitors to your site, who will in turn also click on ads and do sign-ups. What began as an adventure quickly turns in to an enterprise.

While there is no secret formula used to increase web traffic, some failed methods that have been used with little success include: adding hallucinating graphics to your site, spamming potential site visitors with your site’s URL sent via email, and other shady practices. However, if you really want to drive website traffic to your site, there are three questions that every owner/operator should ask.

Utility. You must establish the website’s purpose and whether the public is interested enough to keep it going. Personal blogs and retail sites often fail because they don’t appeal to the masses. There are an infinite number of sites that a web surfer can visit and only so much time in their day. If you can’t get your site to be one of their favorites, or even one they visit regularly, your site will probably not succeed.

Most people are interested in entertainment. They will stop dead in their tracks for a good laugh or an interesting story/picture/illustration. Most commonly, people love to be entertained at work, because it breaks the monotony. Circulating your URL around the office will increase website traffic. This way you’ll gain more regular visitors in collective groups.

Be competent, if you don’t know what you are doing people will notice. Most people don’t really plan out their lives that well, and amateur site operators work similarly with their websites. If you want the twenty-something crowd on your site then it needs to have content and links relevant to that age group, as they expect this much from a professional Web 2.0 site. Get rid of flashy graphics and corny backgrounds.

Appearances matter most to teenagers than any other group. Packing your site with utility and entertainment are vital to gain a loyal following from a crowd that doesn’t understand loyalty. Update and integrate your site often with social networking, the latest craze with teenagers, as well as latest pop culture phenoms.

Last, for those that prefer the Web 1.0 era sites, mature crowds who use your site and find it plain, simple, and easy to navigate will keep coming back. Older users tend to complain to site operators about broken links, while younger users look elsewhere for their information. Having a professional-looking site, which includes relevant content and frequent updates, will drive new website traffic to you and help retain your customer base.

Driving website traffic is of utmost importance to internet entrepreneurs today. A count of the traffic hits on a website is a good indicator of the health and success of the site that may have started out as a fun experiment and turned into a lucrative business. Here are some suggestions on how to increase web traffic like the pros. Think of your audience. Ask these three questions: Is the purpose of the site enough to draw people in during their daily surfing rounds? Is it interesting and entertaining (which trumps utility), and good for office breaks? Do you have true expertise in your site area?

- Mike Leinweber

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