Unitus is Empowering Women

I found this on Seth’s page, where I surfed looking for something entirely different. I clicked through and Seth’s post sums up a truly great project. — – Women Empowering Entrepreneurs in a microcosmic framework. It’s all about Innovative Solutions to . Here’s what Seth said:

From Seth’s Blog:
Brick by brick… Unitus is Empowering Women.

I heard it about from Dave and Tim, both in personalized notes. It combines video with blog-like behavior and a worthy cause. Not to mention the interesting notion that surfers and online denizens might want to honor their moms.

Yet another overnight success that takes months.

Seth seems to comment on a load of different things. Check it out and Unitus today.

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  1. Katie Gruver says:

    Thanks for commenting about Unitus’s Empowering Women site. We were very excited to get a post from Seth Godin, not only because we are huge fans of his work, but also because it means that new people (like you) are learning about our work!

    Again, we appreciate your support and hope your readers find the site inspiring. http://www.unitus.com/empoweringwomen

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