Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: How To Maximize Your Effectiveness

Trade show displays are an important way of promoting a business when attending a trade show. The larger players will often have elaborate displays that go from one show to the next, but for a smaller business, trade show exhibit rentals are an excellent alternative. These exhibit booth rentals still get a business noticed, but they don’t cost as much.

Trade show booth rentals that have adequate display units like shelving, racks, and stands, work best to show off any physical product you are looking to sell. The companies that rent these booths to vendors have many options to personalize the size and type of your booth or kiosk, and maximize your budget for the exhibition. These companies exist to serve your needs for renting these booths, and would be accommodating to your needs and wants, and assist you in making a choice.

Perhaps you are thinking about trade show exhibit rentals that display a service, and not a product to be handled. In this instance you may want to consider a multimedia display feature for your exhibit that displays your service effectively. Besides this though, you will need some printed materials to augment the presentations, so that people can walk away from your display with something to remember your booth and your service in a memorable way.

There is more to exhibit rentals for a trade show than simply the actual kiosk or booth itself. There is the cost of the space for the exhibit as well as staff for the booth if such assignment is not the staffer’s typical job, plus the need to provide meals and an opportunity for the staffers to rest. Depending on the show, there may also be set requirements related to staff.

Trade show exhibit rentals should also take into consideration security for all the components of your displays. The products you will be exhibiting, along with your display materials, literature and give away items or door prizes will take extra setup and take down time if a facility does not provide adequate security. Setting up repeatedly must be figured into your expenses if a facility does not have good security during closed hours.

Finally, you need to formulate a plan choosing which trade shows to attend. Many of the exhibit rental companies also offer help locating shows and will do much of the leg work, registration and details needed to be effective. Good planning means using displays that can be used in other show venues, as well as selecting the best trade shows for your target customer. Rentals and the specialty companies doing them make shows practical and affordable for the small business.

Trade show displays are a popular and effective means of promoting a company at trade shows. While larger businesses will build permanent displays and transport them between various trade shows, smaller companies may choose trade show exhibit rentals. Exhibit booth rentals are less expensive and provide the same visibility. Trade show booth rentals include shelving, racks, and stands to show display your products. There are many options to personalize your booth. These companies exist to serve your needs for renting these booths, and would be accommodating to your needs and wants, and assist you in making a choice.

- Wes Carlson

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