Trade Show Booth Truss Systems

Construction of an effective trade show display that is safe and allows customers to easily negotiate your displays will require choosing the correct trade show booth truss for the display you present. This consideration may be one of the most critical choices you make, since the trade show booth truss is essential to secure all the components of your company’s presentation, from products displays, banners and posters, to hardware components like sound and lighting fixtures. Visual impact is critical to attracting customers and the display must be safe, appealing, and easy to navigate. Don’t underestimate the need to choose this component carefully.

Most trade show truss systems range in size from as small as 10′ x 10′ upwards to 20′ x 20′ or even larger. Since trade show truss systems need to be stored a great deal of the time, they can all be disassembled in order to be as small as possible for transport. It’s possible to reduce the size of some systems by more than 75%. A basic wall in a truss system is usually five or six inches wide. This size has proved ideal for providing stability as well as being light enough to move.

Trade show display trusses are also available in a wide range of shapes. While a simple booth may only need a single wall for posters and a table for making brochure and business cards available, there is still a large range of options for them to choose from. The trade show display truss can come in the shape of a semi-circle, a wavy line, a zigzag, or a combo of the three.

Custom trade show booth trusses are used for large booths. They require curves, base plates, walls, brackets, and shelves for items like hardware and literature. They can be quickly assembled to make an excellent display. To further improve the display area, added mounts surrounding the truss can support plasma displays, LCD units, and projectors. Folding furniture for the convenience of potential clients can be added, such as small tables and chairs, so that they can view your presentations more comfortably.

If your company wishes to purchase a trade show booth truss that can be used year after year, you need to start from scratch in designing the right structure to effectively display your wares at a trade show. Trade show booth trusses are generally shaped like squares, octagons, or an “X” configuration with an optional circle, arches, and center bars. Suppliers often have kits you can use to construct these different shapes. Optional additions include raised ceilings, laptop stations, and double-decked displays.

You may mount spotlights on the trade show display truss, to help its most important aspects stand out more for the benefit of potential clients. The spotlights can be individually controlled, so that they can rotate, swivel, and turn off and on as required. Although it gets less attention than the other basic parts and mounts, the humble packing crate is also very important, as it protects the components of your display system from being damaged during shipment and before they are assembled.

When you or your company wishes to make an impressive impact at a trade show, choosing the right trade show booth truss is one of the most important things to consider. Trade show truss systems are mobile, efficient and vary is sizes from as small as 10 foot square to twenty foot square and can be larger if required. All trade show truss systems are collapsible and can be reduced in size by 75% which make it easy to transport to different venues. The trade show display truss might be a zig zag, or a straight line, or wavy, or curved.

- Wes Carlson

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