Tips for Writing Your Resume Cover Letters

Resume cover letters are extremely important, though many jobseekers don’t fully realize it. A well-written cover letter may mean the difference between a serious perusal of someone’s resume, and a glance before it enters the circular file.

Jobseekers commonly make the mistake of duplicating their resume when they write the cover letter– although many of them just plain forget to write the cover letter to begin with! However, you need a cover letter that expands on and complements your resume.

Imagine sitting at a desk with piles of resumes in front of you. Pretty much all of them are printed on good white paper. They all boast of each applicant’s skills and objectives.

Lots of them are accompanied by cover letters, some of them very long and rambling. That’s got to be overwhelming! So, stand out from the crowd. The cover letter needs to get attention from the reader and give them plenty of good reasons for them to turn the page.

But how do you begin? Look for examples of resume cover letters posted on the internet. There are examples that cover several different jobs in dozens of different formats. You can find them all by using your favorite search engine.

Of course, if someone well-known to the company or interviewer has referred you and given you permission to use their name in your cover letter, do so! Employee or networking referrals can go a long way towards ensuring your resume gets considered.

Next thing you need to do is study the job description. Write references to it and describe how your skills make you suited for the job. The easy thing to do would be to repeat everything that’s on your resume, but this is a golden opportunity to take everything a step further. Remember the job description, and tell the readers how your skills will benefit the company.

”What’s in it for me?” Imagine that this is the very question that the interviewer is asking. On some level, that’s probably exactly what the interviewer is thinking when he or she reads resume cover letters. The interview is sure to be yours if your answer sounds good!

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- Carlie Evie

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