The Perils of Spyware

My friend is a sport fisherman, at least that’s what he daydreams about, on a routine day he tunes up home computers and does an outstanding job and has a sterling reputation. When the geek gods send me a personal computer problem, Jody is the person I dial and no matter how complicated or intricate the problem, give him some room and he’ll ferret out the solution. He told me something alarming last night, it seems that a large percentage of the PCs he fixes have spyware or adware on their systems, and most his clients are ignorant of it; calling him when their machines grind to a halt.

The net is like to a living, breathing organism continually evolving, and not always in a helpful direction, though it certainly has given me opportunities. As times flows and expertise advances, so also does malware, spyware and adware. It is critical today to have Spyware Removal software on your system and to use it often; just as important is running software updates, since what may have worked previoulsy might overlook a virus or spywarecreated since the previous scan.

As benchmark for this article (using a separate and clean system) I ran a test, uninstalling my spyware removal software then purposedly visiting several auto surf sites. These exchanges are perfect for new internet marketers, giving them the opportunity to deliver people to particular websites, simply by their visiting and looking at other sites. The operation is performed this way:

A person visits a particular site and receives credits for looking at the site You assign these credits to a particular URL. when others follow the same process, your website is offered for review. The system allows everyone to receive traffic to their sites.

The person who first invented this is brilliant, there are some that (not all) of these sites are either run by or frequented by marketers who are less than honest. Their intent not to merely show an offer or website, but to install spyware on your home computer. And with today’s technology much of this malware is smart enough to begin the download of spyware/adware onto your home computer, simply by looking at a particular home page. I’m not criticizing these sites or discouraging their use, I am recommending vigilance and suggesting you be certain your home computer is protected.

If this concerns you, studies say you already have or will soon run into spyware or adware. If you’re thinking, I don’t visit those kinds of sites and I certainly would never download bootleg programs, then you are one of the few, but you are still need to be prepared. Take the preventative measure. To quote the old expression…

’an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

You must be the one to take the protective measures. A lot of what is on your hard drive, either from a business or personal reasons; just imagine getting up to discover all your data gone. Appalling, absolutely… Possible?… It’s happened to others. Preventable? You bet by getting a copy of the right malware removal software.

Now that I have your attention, perhaps you’re wondering what exactly will spyware and adware do to my small network. Good, glad to see you’re thinking. For the most part spyware/adware/malware are not rampant killers, instead they are like a fly on the wall. Mostly they collect data then report back to some guy in a dark room; they can display ads and will stifle your system, slow your motherboard and reduce your connection speed to the world wide web. It’s not so much the damage done, but the fact that your life, your privacy, your system has been breached and these people (whomever they are) have no right to be there.

Thankfully there are giving people that feel exactly the way I do; this means these programmers want to take action. I don’t know how to write programs, I’m a writer, and I write these facts to offer fair warning and advise you make preparations and defend your home computer. I thank those defenders of safe browsing with the hard work and spirit to write then offer for public use these top notch spyware/adware removal programs.

Once you make a decision on which spyware/malware removal tools to use, I’d advise frequent scans of your network. When you set up the spyware removal tool properly, all of the hard work is done automatically, and probably in the middle of the night.

- Ron Rogers

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