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It seems that most people search for the ultimate wealth building system for most of their lives. It may surprise you to know that you own half of it the day you are born.

What half do you own? It’s your ability to make income. No matter what your skill level or education level, you have money earning power. Want to hear the great news about that and how it hooks you up to the ultimate wealth building system?

It isn’t how much you make; it’s what you do with it that determines your financial condition.

The second half of the ultimate wealth building system is what you do with the income that you earn. There is a way to control the flow of money to create wealth. All the very affluent people know this money management system.

It works whether you are an employee who works for someone else and you are using the system to control the flow of your personal income, or if you are the owner of a business using the system to control the flow of your company’s income. It is an amazingly simple system, and now it is even more simple using the money management software tool called Money Management Solutions Business Edition.

1) SPEND LESS THAN YOU MAKE – Cut your expenses back to operate within your income. This may seem difficult, but building a budget that includes everything you need to operate your company is simple with the right money management software program.

Knowing exactly how much you are spending to run the business, and where the money is going, you can identify areas of waste or even areas where more income needs to be spent to get the income up and increase profitability.

Prior to using the Money Management Solutions software, my clients UNDERestimated the amount of money they needed to operate their company by 10 – 13%. A critical mistake when you are shooting for an income target that is too low!

2) PUT 10% OF YOUR INCOME AWAY IN SAVINGS and don’t ever spend it. Earmark regular amounts of cash from your income for the future – each week pay yourself first and put the money in interest bearing savings toward gaining financial freedom.

The majority of company owners pay themselves a paycheck for the work that they are doing inside the company, however, they fail to pay themselves for the hat they wear carrying the full responsibility and risk of of being the company owner.

The ultimate wealth building system requires at least 10% of the earnings be placed into savings out of every dime you earn. The Money Management Solutions software system shows you an easy way to pay yourself this additional amount each week, and more in addition. Then you just put it away and forget you even have it. As it builds up, move it to places that earn higher interest than the banks pay. This includes purchasing houses and commercial buildings you can lease to make more money.

3) DO NOT USE REVOLVING CREDIT FOR PURCHASES – pay cash instead. Debt is a disease that you should avoid contracting. If you already have some credit debt, this money management software package shows you how to get it paid off very fast.

If you want to buy something that is expensive, the money management system shows you how to allocate money away towards the purchase every week until you have the cash. For large purchases like equipment or furniture, buy used instead of brand new. Remember, those items lose value from the very minute you buy them.

4) LOOK FOR WAYS TO MAKE MORE MONEY – the cost of operating a company increases about 4.5% every year, so you need to make more money just to keep up. How much is needed? Our money management software helps you figure that out and make adjustments so you always have the current figures.

Look through your sales receipts and figure out what items or services are selling the best and figure out how to sell more of the higher profit items. If an item or service is not generating enough profits for a good return on your investment, consider discontinuing it. The secret to making more money is pretty simple if you put your attention on it. The ultimate wealth building system helps you evaluate every financial decision you make with an eye on the profit return you will receive for the initial investment.

5) USE YOUR MONEY TO MAKE MORE MONEY – After paying your ultimate wealth building system the 10% into savings and paying your bills, make use of any money left over in ways that increase your ability to make more income.

Why is controlling the flow of money so important? Money is the energy and life blood of a company. It is necessary to channel it through the income generating areas first to keep it running well. Everything runs better when enoughcash is available. The Money Management Solutions software guides you towards making the correct decisions about how to use your income to increase your income and bottom line.

Seems simple, right? And it is simple. The ultimate wealth building system is easily learned and easy to implement, and this money management wealth building software can be used just an hour each week to help you gain your financial freedom. It does take some personal discipline and commitment to reach the goal of financial freedom so you never have to worry about money again.

The great news is that you can have control over this system. Done correctly and consistently, the end goal is always having lots of cash on hand, all bills paid, and plenty of money in reserves to finance what you really want to do with your money; not merely pay bills. How well you control the flow of your income will be a determining factor in how well your company and your family will survive in the years ahead. Properly applyingthe five steps outlined above will make sure that this wealth building system works for you.

Sandra Simmons, President of Money Management Solutions has years of experience helping company owners and private individuals manage their money to achieve financial independence. To learn more, visit our Money Management Software web site, and watch the FREE 5-minute demo video on the website.

- Sandra Simmons

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