Taking Legal Actions In Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

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If you already exerted all polite and civil ways to approach your neighbors with their noise issue, then its high time you proceed to resolve the problem the legal way. Since rowdy and noisy neighbors can cause real nuisance, this matter can be forwarded to the authorities if it really gets out of hand. Here are some tips on how you can do so.

Read through your city’s ordinance.

Go to the nearest local library or city hall and request for a copy of your city’s ordinance, which would include noise laws. You might be surprised at the number of possibilities on how your complaint will hold water in the court of law. Some local ordinances would not allow too much vehicle noise. This law comes into affect whenever you see the “no blowing of horns” road signs. Similarly, noisy neighbors should be warned and would consequently face serious fines if the noise doesn’t stop after several notices.

Send a copy of the ordinance to your neighbor

Make a formal letter of warning stating that you are requesting your neighbors to quiet down. Attach a copy of the city ordinance along with the letter. Also express your intent to contact the authorities if your concern remained unresolved.

Take legal actions

You can call the police and report the situation at hand if there were no improvement. The police would help you enthusiastically if they know that you exerted effort to resolve the issue yourself.

Preparing for court

There are small claims courts that would welcome your case. If your neighbor’s noise causes you extreme discomfort then you can sue them for nuisance. The lawsuit would order them to stop the noise and would require them to pay a good amount to compensate for the nuisance and interference you experience in your home.

You really don’t need a lawyer. You just have to prove your case by providing evidences that there is indeed excessive noise and your privacy and comfort is being neglected because of such. It would also help to show a copy of the letter you send your neighbors (as mentioned above). As in any case, to win you need several witnesses, testimonies and some evidence to support your claim.

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