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It would be fair to say that supermarkets are something of a modern phenomenon. There are around 10 million people who shop regularly in supermarket stores in the UK. One retail chain alone has up to 2000 stores nationwide. Every city, town and almost every village has a convenience store.

With so many people moving through the checkouts it will come as no surprise to learn that more than 20,000 customers suffer injury or harm whilst shopping in supermarkets.

The casualty numbers are not publicised by the larger stores. There are many thousands of incidents that go unreported because the accident victim is simply too embarrassed to take the matter further or make a report to the store manager.

A great many injuries are caused by shoppers slipping on produce (fruit for example) or debris left on the floor. The tiled surface can become extremely hazardous when wet or when objects such as paper or plastic are dropped.

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We are a firm of solicitors who deal with many incidents of this nature. Our clients generally have been the victim of shoddy practices inside the store where spillages are left unattended to or warning signs not used etc.

The supermarket manager have a legal duty to ensure that customers are able to shop safely and that any hazards are quickly identified. Spillages, breakages, obstacles and obstructions must all be dealt with to avoid the risk of injury being sustained by shoppers.

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Most stores operate an aisle inspection program which involves rigorous checking of the aisles at regular intervals during the day. Staff are expected to report and deal with any hazards as soon as practicable. Whilst the duties imposed are onerous they are nevertheless entirely justified and very much in the publics interests.

We would recommend the following steps to be taken by anyone suffering injury or harm inside a supermarket:

  • Report the accident to a member of staff immediately and ensure a full record of the event is made.

  • Seek medical attention – attend the local hospital or your GP for advice.

  • Try to take down details of any witnesses (This may be difficult if you are in pain but such evidence can be crucial)
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  • Take photos of the area or the object / spillage that caused you to slip (mobile phone cameras are excellent for this purpose)

  • Contact a solicitor to discuss a your legal position if you feel that you wish to take the matter further.

At The Claims Connection, we offer an entirely free legal service that ensures injured parties receive adequate compensation when they suffer an injury through no fault of their own.

If you have suffered personal injury in a supermarket, you may be able to claim compensation. This may include a sum for pain and suffering together with treatment costs and loss of earnings. Our success rate against the larger stores in the UK is second to none.

The author is the claims manager for compensation claims solicitors “The Claims Connection” Read about our supermarket personal injury service by visiting our website or calling FREE on 0800 0322210.

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