Standard Depostion Questions

Arranging in advance to respond to questions generally asked in personal injury depositions could make your deposition knowledge a lot less frightening. Some of the details you’ll most likely be questioned contains:

  • Areas you have lived (along with addresses).
  • Duties you have held, salries received, reasons for leaving as well as whether or not departing was your decision or your bosses.
  • Each and every injury and ailment you have ever had in your complete lifespan. Be ready to remember every hospital visit, the names of each physician you have ever been to see and all of your health background. Reply as completely as you are able to, and add “That’s all I remember at this time” or some thing similar.
  • All claims or cases you’ve been included in. Any insurance law suits, including workers’ compensation claims, property damage law suits, homeowner’s law suits and injury claims should be disclosed. Any earlier suits, including divorce cases, require to be unveiled, even if they weren’t injury-related.
  • Your criminal history, if any.
  • Details concerning your crash: where you were going, where you were originating from, exactly where you stopped in between. What route you took, while you departed, what you’d been doing ahead of leaving, who was along with you, how the crash occurred, whether or not you were putting on a seatbelt, what route you were driving, whether or not your turn indication was on, what state your automobile was in before the collision, what discussion you had with the other chauffeurs and also the police.
  • Details concerning your damages: All the medical doctors you saw and how you were referred to every doctor, your bodily complaints to each medical doctor, what therapy you received from each medical doctor, whether the medical doctors have been paid (and if not, what amount is even now owing to each of them), what work you have done since your harm, and how many times you have been to treatment.
  • Some key inquiries to test your memory: what does your medical doctor look like, what is the shade of the automobile you were a traveler in, who’s your family doctor.
  • Some key questions that make you look bad regardless of how you respond: Are you feeling much better today? Why did you go to see a chiropractor rather than a “real” doctor? Who is paying your doctor? Laws as to whether these queries may be questioned vary from state to state, therefore consult your attorney.
  • Your entire job history, if you are claiming lost wages.
  • What you can no more carry out after the incident, in case you are claiming long term impairments.

Prior to your deposition, you should talk about your answers to these types of queries with your attorney. It is also helpful to review your answers to interrogatories, the crash report, recorded statements, medical bills as well as files and the lawful documents you have already submitted with the court.

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