Spectacular Money Making Ideas… Forming Sites to Serve with Google’s AdSense Program

Google Adsense, one of the best money making ideas on the Internet, has simplified the process of making money online for even the small time niche website owner. You can potentially earn money online with literally thousands of money making ideas. You need to somehow get people to pull out their credit cards in order for many of these techniques to work. This is easier said than done and may be a somewhat daunting challenge for the inexperienced copywriter. But with Google’s Adsense program, one step is removed, streamlining the process and allowing us to make money from our niche web sites.

All of us can build a website and start profiting within minutes. We no longer have to convince our visitors to buy. Selling is out. With Google Adsense, to emphasis the point, one of the best money making ideas on the Internet, profits are only a mouse-click away. Here is a quick outline of how you too can cash in with one of the best money making ideas… Google Adsense.

First, select a topic for the niche website where Google Adsense ads will be displayed. Google Adsense has relevant ads for a wide range of topics, so your choice of website topics is unlimited. It is recommended that you choose a topic in which you have experience or are interested in. Maintaining interest in updating and building the website over time is easier when the topic is one where you share your experience or interests.

You will need to make a list of words, based on your website topic, to add to articles or for selecting articles with your website. It’s simple. Ads displayed by Google Adsense are directly relevant to your website topic. That’s it. Time to build your website.

Building a website geared to Google Adsense can either be a joy or a royal pain depending on your particular set of skills. There is an abundance of free professional website templates to which you may add your own pictures, graphics and personal touch, so that you can build a Google Adsense website you will like, if you are unable to create your own from scratch. There are also many website building software programs available to make the development step a breeze even for the greenest of beginners. One such software is called XSitePro.

XSitePro website building software is really simple to use. It’s got all the tools necessary to design, develop and build a website that you will be happy about, which will also do well in search engine rankings. You can use the included comprehensive user manual to discover all the abilities and utilize all the features of XSitePro. This software simplifies all of your website building tasks from creating attractive homepages to tricky website optimization. Everything in XSitePro’s package is beautifully laid out in its instructional videos, which are designed to teach you quickly and send you right off to the fast lane of Google Adsense profits.

After you have built your website, you will need to apply to the Google Adsense Program. Applying is quick and painless. Fill out the Google Adsense application online, send it in, and wait for approval. You’re ready. Approval usually takes a few days, and will give you access to the Google Adsense Console and your Google Adsense Publisher’s code. This is the code that you will insert on your website’s HTML using XSitePro or other program, so that you can display Google Adsense ads. A detailed explanation will be sent to you if your website is rejected for some reason. Make the suggested changes to your website and re-apply to the Google Adsense Program.

Now you have reached the final step in the process of making money from Google Adsense… the best of the best money making ideas. The final step is really an ongoing process. To make money, you need people to click on ads from Google’s AdSense. Hold it, before you click on the ads yourself or send your website to your list of 200 people from your MSN list. Clicking on your ads is not allowed. Google can find out if bots and friends click ads repeatedly and ban you from the program for life.

Now you have reached the final step in the process of making money from Google Adsense… the best of the best money making ideas. This last step is not so much a step as it is an ongoing process. You need people to click on your ads so you can make money from Google’s AdSense program. You can’t get away with clicking all the ads yourself or having your friends do it for you. Publishers are not allowed to click on their own ads. Furthermore, if Google finds out that you have bots or friends clicking your ads (and they WILL find out), you could be banned from their program for life.

Don’t want to do any writing, but skill interested in revenue from one of the choicest money making ideas on the internet, Google Adsense? You can do it all automatically using my new program called The New Adsense Inbox.

- Edward M. Brancheau

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