Solar Yard Lights – Planning Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources such as solar lighting are not only environmentally friendly, but inexpensive and convenient if you have any technical problems. Using these lights can benefit a wide range of people, even if they did not previously consider using solar powered outdoor lighting in their yard or around their home.

The use of lighting in your landscape can make your landscape shine. In addition, lighting can make your home safer by adding visibility. Thieves can be discouraged from attempting to burglarize a home just because of a few well placed lights. Visitors are also safer as they walk to and from your home. Lights can also call attention to many features of your garden, like special fountains, plants, and statues. Show off your efforts with the right lighting.

Solar yard lights are a good addition to any home. They are much cheaper to operate than traditional electric lights, each one of which will increase your utility bill. Originally solar lights were a costly initial investment, but still created long term savings. Now solar lights are approximately the same cost as traditional lights, and occasionally they are even less expensive than electrical lights. There is no reason that every home shouldn’t have solar yard lights.

Another advantage for using solar power is the simplicity and lack of hassle installing such devices. Once you determine that a site gets some sun, you simply attach the light or sink a pole or support and you are done, unless you need to flip a switch. Solar lights will collect energy all day stored in batteries and work without any special wiring. By contrast, some traditional lighting even requires the expense of an electrician, and hiding and protecting the wiring is another issue.

The main drawback of having solar yard lights in a completely shady area of your yard is that they may not charge or even work properly. Check with a landscaping professional or with stores that sell solar lighting about the optimum locations for placement on your property. With advances in batteries and storage devices along with the solar cells themselves their requirements are easier to meet and will likely to continue improving.

An issue with lighting is often how long the lights will stay lit when fully charged as well as how long you will use them each evening. When deciding what you need you should check what each device offers. Resources online can be very useful with such decisions. When shopping for solar yard lights be sure to comparison shop. Look for mark down discount stores. Some chain stores offer these for a price that is ridiculously small. Solar powered lighting and its safety and economy elements will also provide a more attractive yard.

Solar yard lights are attractive because they offer a chance to save money while decreasing dependency on nonrenewable power, are affordable, and are easy to install. Landscape lights add beauty to a home and show off features while adding security and safety. Since solar powered outdoor lighting does not require the wiring that conventional lighting demands, self-installation is possible without an electrician. There’s no need to hide unattractive wiring and solar lights can be freestanding or attached to the exterior of a building. The limitations include needing a certain amount of sun exposure to fully charge batteries and the number of hours of lighting each device can provide.

- Ryan McCall

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