Save Money While Building Your Pond

Ponds are beautiful, but they can become quite expensive. I am here to help you solve that dilemma by sharing some great ways to build a pond that looks great and doesn’t burst your budget.

How to Build a Pond and Save Money:

1.Find a great spot in your yard. Avoid areas under trees where leaves will fall into the pond. You want to be able to see your pond from your house so put it near a window or deck with a view.

2.Purchase a small kiddy pool that is the size of the pond you want. You can usually pick these up for under 10 bucks and it is a nice cheat for how to build a pond and save money at the same time. You can find these kiddie pools in a variety of great shapes that will make your pond look great. I have seen them come in shapes such as stars, fish or even seashells!

3.Next, place the pool in the area that you will be putting your pond, and mark around it. Use the markings as a guide as you dig the hole for your pond. You will place the kiddy pool into the hole, leaving the lip of the pool around 1 to 2 inches above the hole.

4.Now get out your spray paint and paint the whole pool black and let it sit overnight to dry.

5.Add in a pump and filter to keep things flowing so the water does not go stagnant. Although it is not 100% necessary, your fish will be much happier.

6.The next step in learning how to build a pond is to add a few heavy rocks around the edges of the pool. Then throw in some gravel if you want to put any plants in your pond.

7.Now all you need to do is fill the pond up with water. You are done! You just built a beautiful pond and saved a lot of money in the process. It’s not hard to build a pond that’s cheap and beautiful. If you want, put some nice flat rocks around the sides and plant some flower. This gives off a beautiful and natural look.

Use the tips above to build a pond without cursing at the cost. Visit for free videos, tips and advice on How to Build a Pond.

- Amy C

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