Residential Burglary Prevention Door Guards In The Marketplace

Breaks-ins in houses can generally be avoided if the person that lives takes a few precautions to protect their house. The majority of break-ins occur when the lock is removed from the front entrance, so it makes sense that a good way to protect your house is to protect the door. Door protection will present a challenge to a burglar who wants to get in, either making them give up, or at least spend longer in the process, thus making him more likely to be spotted and recognizable to someone.

Three main types of residential burglary prevention door guards are available. They are door chains, door kick-in bars, and stainless steel screen mesh door guards. For the first type, a door chain consists of a chain attached to the door which hooks into a slot on the doorframe when the door is closed. With a door chain, you can partially open the door to see who your caller is, without giving that caller an open invitation to forcibly enter your premises. That chain can only be released by the homeowner who must then close the door in order to unhook it.

One way to provide safety to your home is by installing a door chain, which can cost $5 to $20, depending on the type of chain you purchase: simple chain, an unlockable chain from the exterior, sliding bolt chain, or an alarm chain that is triggered by an intruder. What’s more is that these chains are easily installed; you don’t need prior knowledge or special skills to install a door chain.

A residential burglary prevention door kick-in bar is designed to prevent a door from being forced open. It’s a heavy-duty metal bar that is attached horizontally across the door. It’s a two-point door lock that locks both sides of the door. It costs around $150.

Another door guard system is to install a Stainless Steel Mesh Door. It acts as a security barrier to deter an intruder. It is also an extra shield for the door, as the burglar will have to first break the lock of mesh doors. It gives you the extra security of talking to a stranger through the mesh door. This extra security comes with a price as stainless steel mesh door could cost you around $600-$700.

The old adage that it is better to be safe than sorry is so true nowadays! A great way to prevent yoursef against an unexpected and unwanted burglary is to install residential burglary prevention doors in your home. It gives any homeowner a sense of security while preventing intruders from entering your home.

Most thieves break in through the door lock on the front door. Door guards make it very difficult for a would-be burglar to break in through the door. There are three main types of residential burglary prevention door guards that are available- door chains, door kick-in bars and Stainless Steel Screen Mesh Door Guards. A residential burglary prevention door kick-in bar is a device created to stop a door from being opened by force. It consists of a heavy metal bar, which is horizontally attached across the door with a two-point locking system.

- Rex Freiberger

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