Renting a House? Be Wary About Making Major Interior Decorating Upgrades

When you rent an apartment, it’s unlikely that you can do a lot of major redecorating. Renting a home affords more opportunity to change the interior decor, depending on the personality and preferences of the homeowner. There may still be restrictions on what you can do with the home’s interior if the landlord does not want to see major modifications of the home. However, there are some homeowners who would absolutely love it if you improved the house’s interior. The latter type of owner may allow the renter a lot of freedom in their decorating options.

How Much Redecorating or Home Improvements Should a Renter Do?

If you are renting a home, think about your budget before doing anything. Since the rental home is not your property, how much money are you willing to spend for someone else’s benefit?

Some homeowners may allow the renter to make minor decorating changes such as changing the drapes or blinds, hanging pictures or painting the walls. Extensive decorating work such as replacing the flooring, tearing down walls or adding skylights might not be considered acceptable by some property owners. Some landlords might approve of this type of extensive work so long as the work is to be done by a a licensed professional. Think about it … why on earth should you spend a lot of money and time in making major improvements to someone else’s property when you receive no tax or other benefit? You are better off making do with minor interior decorations and improvements and saving your money for a down payment on your own property.

Check with the Landlord Before Redecorating

Read and understand your rental agreement before investing anything in interior decorating. The landlord may have specifically prohibited certain interior decorating activities, such as replacing carpet or doors. It is unlikely that the lease will spell out each and every possible type of improvement or redecorating activity, so check with the homeowner before making modifications to the rental house. If possible, obtain a written statement from the homeowner that sets forth the landlord’s approval of your modifications.

If It’s Iffy, Just Don’t Do It

As a renter, if you’re not sure whether you can perform a specific decorating activity and you are unable to reach the homeowner, it’s best to not make any changes. Spending money on interior improvements to a rental home may backfire on you, especially if the landowner asks you to undo the changes.

Some Quick Decorating Tips

Regardless of whether you are renting a home from a homeowner who allows a lot of changes or is very restrictive, there are some relatively inexpensive things that you can do to upgrade the interior of your rental house. Best yet, you can keep these improvements and take them to your next home (preferably, the one you buy) instead of spending money on someone else’s property that will not benefit you in the long haul.

RUGS – If the carpet or tile in the rental home is stained or just plain ugly, cover it up with area rugs or throw rugs.

ART AND PLANTS – If the wall decor is hideous and you’re not allowed to repaint or change the wallpaper, hide it with some nice artwork. Large, leafy houseplants like Ficus trees add a touch of class to a home and can cover otherwise ugly spaces.

DECORATIVE FURNISHINGS – Nice furniture will change the look of a rental home. You can upgrade the interior decor by furnishing it with futons, known for their versatility and space saving features. You can get cheap futon covers in a variety of colors and patterns that can change the look of a room. Add a few throw pillows for color and the room will look much different. For cramped spaces, futons are great. Use them as a couch or chair by day and a bed at night.

LIGHTING – The right lamps can create a sense of ambiance and draw the eye toward art or other features in the room instead of the defects. Traditional lamps, canister lamps or tree lamps can be used to direct light. Just plug them in and don’t worry about having to change the light fixtures or having to install dimmer switches.

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- Urbain Beck

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