Property For Sale In Nicosia – Cyprus Is A Great Place To Live

Cyprus is a beautiful island. It has natural beauty and rich culture. It also has modern living conditions. Tourism is booming. Foreigners are buying real estate here as an investment. Very few of these people probably ever planned to buy or sell Cyprus property ten years ago, but business is now booming.

If you would rather live in a busier area, you may want to check out property in Nicosia. It is right in the middle of everything and it has contemporary hustle and bustle mixed with classical cultural history. It is located on the central plain and only ninety minutes from either the gorgeous mountains or the spectacular beaches.

Until recently, prices for holiday homes and permanent residences in Cyprus have been rather low. However, rising demand for property for sale in Nicosia and the rest of Cyprus has seen prices rise sharply. To get the best value for your money, there is no better time to buy or sell Cyprus property than right now.

The reasonable prices and tax benefits available to permanent foreign residents on the island of Cyprus have made it an attractive destination for the British. Among the perks offered by the government are much lower income tax rates and no tax collected on retirement pensions.

There is a wide range of properties for sale in Nicosia. Whether you’re looking for a traditional home or a modern apartment with all the amenities, you’ll be able to find it there. In addition you will find charming villas and palatial mansions. With some apartments starting at under £70,000, Cyprus properties are very affordable for those who find buying homes in Spain or Italy to be out of their reach.

Cyprus is easy to get to as it is well-served by many international airlines. Most European airports have direct flights to Cyprus and tourism is on the rise, so there is a growing demand for property for sale in Nicosia. These properties are perfect for holiday homes and also as rental properties that can be leased during the rest of the year. Real estate agents in Cyprus are eager to help potential buyers and can be a liaison between buyer and mortgage brokers who are looking for overseas investors. The culture and beauty of this island are as appealing as the financial benefits of buying here.

Living in Cyprus has only become popular recently, but this island nation with a mild climate and easy air access offers great value to foreign investors for permanent or holiday homes with great investment and rental potential too. Property for sale in Nicosia is right in the centre of things and yet just a short drive to the Troodos mountains or a beach. Property is affordable with brokers encouraging foreign investors and the government offering tax breaks. Whether you buy or sell Cyprus property, the market is booming with the draw of an ancient culture and yet the convenience of modern cities. Prices are expected to rise with increasing demand and now is the time to consider investing here..

- Adrian Jones

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