Primitive Decorating Makes A House A Home

If using an earthy, primitive but aesthetic design for your interior decorating project, there’s a couple things you should know. First of all, pick a region of your home to concentrate your decorating on. You don’t want to mishmash different aesthetics when decorating your home.

Many people who enjoy traveling will pick a favorite global location they have visited. The home’s decor can then center around a few authentic tribal objects that have been brought back from a trip. You can also incorporate photographs of your travels into your decor – chunky wooden frames can enhance the look of your photographs and incorporate them into your primitive decorating scheme.

Even if you haven’t traveled much or if you haven’t been able to acquire objects due to strict import rules, you can use online specialty retailers to purchase authentic tribal objects. Some examples of objects are pottery, sculptures, ritual items, textiles and rugs, and other decorative items. Many have been made by hand specifically for the global market using traditional materials and techniques, and it is even possible to ensure the artisans received fair wages.

Once you’ve decided on a few central objects, possibly sculptures or elegant textiles, you should choose the rest of the decor for your rooms. Textiles can give a room a primitive aesthetic, so pay close attention to them. Thick, hand-made scarves, rugs, and blankets can decorate beds and tables as well as walls and floors. If you desire, seek out animal furs or brightly colored natural materials and fabrics.

Pay particular attention to the colors in your home. A great method to balance your color scheme is choosing a particular object and then duplicating its major and minor colors around your home, using paint, textiles or other items. The best colors for primitive decorating are rich earth tones such as browns, reds and oranges, Minor accent colors that will complement these would be yellows, pale blues and greens.

Use of natural woods in primitive decorating is an excellent idea. Furniture made from unmilled logs and rich-hued woods like cherry, redwood and maple is very attractive and tropical woods harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner are also a good choice. Look, also, for furniture with hand-carved accents and painted details.

If you want to renovate a room using a primitive decorating theme, consider the following guidelines. Build your decor around authentic souvenirs from your favorite vacation destination. Handcrafted rugs, pottery, and sculptures are all excellent choices. If you’re not a traveler, you can purchase authentic tribal objects from specialty retailers. Once you’ve chosen a centerpiece, use it to help select other items. Textiles add warmth to a room and look good not only on furniture, but also on walls and floors. When selecting fabrics, paint and other decorations, be sure to imitate the primary and accent colors of your centerpiece.

- lee dobbins

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