Portable Pop Up Displays To Solve All Your Exhibit Worries

Pop up portable displays can be a real powerhouse for those attending exhibitions on the smaller scale. Portable pop up exhibits are especially well-liked for their ease of transportability, being a snap to transport without needing special shipping or packing. They are extremely useful for tradeshows and conventions that are attended by small groups of representatives. They are easy to set up, even by just one person.

Portable pop up displays, modular displays, and custom displays are the three main categories of exhibits. Portable pop up displays are the most simple and will be discussed in detail. Modular displays are almost as portable as pop ups but more complicated and costly. They simulate custom work, may be easy to assemble, and are usually crated and shipped by common carriers. Custom displays are the most elaborate and expensive option. They are also more difficult to set up.

Where a custom display may need a crew to set up and a truck of its own to ship, pop up displays will break down into easy to carry parts that will fit in nearly any car, SUV or van. They are designed to be as easy to set up as they are to move from exhibit to exhibit.

There are a wide variety of types of portable pop up displays. Each division of the display might have a different appearance. Some of the finishes include cloth, a brightly colored plastic, or virtually anything you can imagine. The divisions and panel coverings are often magnetically connected, allowing for easy assembly.

Many pop-up units can form familiar looking booths, but others are very visually striking, and can form geometric shapes and other patterns which can immediately grab the notice and interest of passersby. Don’t simply assume that just because a display exhibit fits in a box that it has to look like it!

In order to set up pop up portable displays, a space with dimensions of about 8′ by 20′ is usually the minimum, but they will work in a wide variety of spaces. The first step is setting up the framework to establish the rear panel of the exhibit. Next, attachments are added to the sides where posters, graphics, and other information are displayed.

Choosing which portable pop up displays to use depends on several factors, one being cost. While the least expensive professional appearing option, they can still run into thousands of dollars. Another factor to consider is how many parts a brand requires for your display. The fewer parts, the better, because set up is faster and there’s less chance of losing parts you need.

Visual appeal is one of the primary considerations in choosing a product for purchase. While some vendors will offer you conventional photo booth designs, some others are innovative and bold enough to go for hexagonal and other modern designs. With so many options, you shall definitely find a photo booth that appeals to your senses as well as your pocket.

Of the three main kinds of displays, portable pop up displays, modular displays and custom displays, the pop ups are the least expensive and most suitable for small businesses with small exhibit teams. Pop up portable displays require no special vehicles or packing and are easy to set up and take apart by only one or two people. They can be carried in an ordinary vehicle, and come in many forms and types. Frameworks form “walls” on which panels covered in fabric or other materials are mounted, and these can be booths or creative, artistic geometric shapes. Portable pop up exhibits can vary in size, usually 8′ to 20′ wide.

- Wes Carlson

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