PL Content, Affiliate Programs and Google Adsense To Earn Extra Money

Most people are forever seeking answers to the question, “How do I to earn extra money on the Internet”?

If you have been trying to to earn extra money on the Internet for even a short while, you have undoubtedly heard quite a few names being thrown about. It seems as if everyone sees themselves as an expert and everyone who is anyone knows everyone else who is someone. It is like a marketing master clique. And they make you think that if you do not know somebody, you will always be a nobody.

Sometimes they tend to be very aggressive in their ways of promoting a service or a product by using many different approaches: live video streaming, webinars, product launches, and joint ventures, etc. The masters that are selling these products and services are making money hand over fist. In all fairness, these products and services are genuine and valuable to the folks who buy them.

You get a lot of information but what you will not be let in on is that several people make huge money on the Internet without contributing anything much. They do not travel anywhere to attend seminars and get to know people. Nobody knows them to enter into joint ventures with them. They just sit at home and click a few links on the computer and see the money roll in.

How do they do it? It’s not only possible, but it’s also getting popular as more and more people are involved – it’s done by using Google Adsense, Affiliate links, and content.

For example, let’s take a look at Google Adsense. Google is a search engine that loves content, the more you can offer and the higher the quality you can get – the better.

The trick to raising your rankings is to create sites with multiple content pages with a lot of links to more contents, which are picked up by the search engine spiders that go through your entire web site.

How can this earn the money you want? Simply by placing Adsense ads on top of every page of your web site. As your web site’s visitors navigate around your web site they sometimes click on the Adsense links too. If they click on the banner you receive a fee from Google. The commission may be anything starting from a few cents and up to several dollars.

They do not have to buy anything. Just clicking the link makes you money. The more people you drive to your web site, the more people will click the links, and the more money you will make.

That’s why you need to think about the content first. One can write content of one’s own choice and talent. But most people need someone else to do it for them.

One option would be to use articles written by others. Go to any of the popular article directories and you will find thousands of articles. Most can used free of charge as long as you include the resource box with each article. It works because you’re not selling your own product.

The major downside to using other peoples articles is that the reader will view them as the expert and likely click the link in the resource box instead of the Adsense links, and you lose money.

Go for the Private Label Rights articles. What you can do is edit the other person’s article here and there and give it a new identity. The reader thinks you have written it.

You can earn extra money without having any product of your own by just including your own resource box with a link to an affiliate program. So whether the reader clicks this link or your Adsense links, you are likely to earn extra money.

Making money on the Internet is not as difficult as some would have you believe. So, you can do it by attracting many people to your web site and giving them what they need.

Want to know how you can automate this entire process and earn extra money from Google Adsense without writing a single letter yourself? The New Adsense Inbox, my new program, will show you how.

- Edward M. Brancheau

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