Personal Coaching: Your Path To Corporate And Personal Success

Much has been said about the importance of setting goals to achieve results. That’s where clarity, goals, and balance come in, because all of these elements contribute to optimum performance, and the ability to get what you really want out of life. A personal coach will help you set the best goals for your situation.

As life becomes more and more complex in today’s complicated world, every city is witnessing an explosion of demand for personal coaches. Just as a lens held out in the sunlight gathers and combines the rays to a single powerful one, personal coach too helps an individual by clarifying fuzzy thinking. He helps to determine and reach the goals, at the same time showing how to live a balanced life.

There is a difference between a personal coach and a therapist. Therapy is designed to focus on the past and help you correct problems that occurred as a result of past events. A coach looks to the future, and to help you maximize your skills and knowledge so you can achieve everything that you can.

The personal coach does not give advice. Instead, personal coaching helps the client identify what he or she most wants to be or do and helps them build on their strengths and create a plan of action. We’re always more committed to a plan of action we ourselves have created, than to a plan created by someone else.

It has been estimated that only 20% of individuals who pursue fitness programs achieve their goals; of the 20% who succeed, more than 80% have had the benefit of guidance from a coach.Accountability to an objective third party is one of the key factors in getting measurable results and significantly improves the odds of achieving success.

Anyone who wants to achieve their goals can benefit from personal coaching. Many athletes have personal coaches, as do a growing number of professionals and executives. In the work place, corporations are using personal coaching programs as part of their human resource management strategy.

The coach will ask questions such as: What’s the biggest challenge you have? What do you really want? What are you merely tolerating? What manageable steps would help you to achieve your goals? Personal coaching may involve homework and exercises, and your coach will seek feedback.

Every one with unmet ambitions or unrealized potential can gain from personal coaches. A personal coach helps you clarify your thinking, setting goals and focusing your efforts towards achieving them and gaining a sense of balance in your life. He is not a therapist but a facilitator for maximizing your potential. His personal coaching improves your performance and also helps you through homework, exercises and your feedback, to face such questions as what you really want out of your life and how to go about attaining your objectives. Coaching as part of human resource management also helps organizations to develop the capabilities of their employees.

- George Purdy

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