My Experience With Dwarf Fruit Trees

I was so excited when my husband and I recently moved into our dream house. It was absolutely perfect. Our new home had the most lovely fireplace and high vaulted ceilings. It was a dream come true. The only thing wrong was the yard– it was so bare and needed help.

Even though I didn’t have much gardening experience, I wanted to do something that would make the surrounding landscape just as beautiful as the gorgeous interior of the house. My friend said I should try dwarf fruit trees. Shrugging, I told her that I hadn’t the foggiest idea what that was.

But I instantly fell in love with the idea after she showed me a picture she found online of the cutest little apple trees imaginable. I did some reading up and was excited to learn that apart from something to support them, they needed little maintenance. Dwarf fruit trees are easier to protect from things like frost and birds than the larger kinds of fruit trees, and they don’t need much pruning.

So after planning out the layout of the trees and getting several different varieties, my husband and I set to work. It wasn’t long before we had planted a pretty little row of trees. They stood behind the lower plants in my planned garden. I used stakes to keep them in place and spaced them about 18 inches apart.

After that, we planted some lower standing plants and flowers. Now when I have guests stop by my home, they are treated to the sight of cute little fruit trees full of bright fruit and gorgeous color– not to mention my other cheery flowers. I’m in love with those dwarf fruit trees, and I’m so glad my friend gave me the suggestion!

Visit Fruit Tree Nursery and get the tips you need to make taking care of Dwarf Fruit Trees not only easy, but also fun. Plus we got some other great fruit tree advice as well.

- Candace Right

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