Metal Roofs Are Now An Attractive Option

A roof is a key consideration in new construction and often a significant replacement expense in existing housing. Selecting the most desirable of the available roofing options should take into consideration cost, durability, appearance and even how long you intend to live in this same dwelling. Metal roofs may be an attractive option for many consumers.

Modern residential metal roofing has come a long way from the corrugated “tin shed” appearance once associated with metal roofs in both appearance and functionality. They now have a much more esthetically pleasing appearance and all the advantages of their high tech construction. Pluses include exceptional durability, fire resistance, good performance in high wind conditions, heat reflection, low weight, and relative ease in installation. Drawbacks are mainly cost, low insulation factor, noise during rain or hail, and the potential for both denting and chipping.

Metal roofs are very resistant to wind damage, such as from hurricanes, and so are an appealing option in areas vulnerable to wind damage. Metal types of roofing also receive the highest fire retardant rating. As such, homes with metal roofs may have a higher asset value, and enjoy lower insurance rates.

Metal roofs reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the cooling burden in the summer as a result. While they have almost no insulation value of their own, this can easily be gotten around by using a dead space between the metal components and the underlying roof components or by the use of insulating materials. Use of sound deadening insulations also reduces the objection to possible noise related to weather. Heat can also cause contraction and expansion of metal, and some loosening of connectors.

Metal roofs are very light, which means they require fewer structural supports and thus are less expensive to install. In addition, a metal roof can be installed above your home’s current roof before removing the existing roof, making the process cheaper and less time-consuming. Installation is simpler because such roofs come in large sheets, but this may make large sections harder to replace when necessary. Also, if you build an addition to your house, matching the metal roof can be difficult.

Metal roofs cost more than most other roofs, which is the main obstacle to installing them. However, discount metal roofing is available at lower cost. Even if you cannot get a discount, the durability of metal may make it cheaper in the long run. Most roofs made of metal will last for 20 to 50 years, or longer than the house beneath them. Metal becomes a greater bargain if you intend to continue living in the same house for a very long time.

Residential metal roofing has become more popular because it is lightweight, fire resistant, wind resistant, very long lasting and now even attractive. While metal roofs are still more expensive than most other types, they are more affordable than ever and discount metal roofing is available as well. The higher initial cost may be offset by lower maintenance costs and less need for replacement over the life of a house. Construction costs may also be less since these need less support. Metal can reflect the sun to make summer cooling less expensive and are easily insulated for winter warmth.

- Ryan McCall

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