Mastering The Perks Of And Earning Money With Google Adsense

At the moment, Google Adsense is well known throughout the Internet marketing community when it comes to earning money. It is worth spending some time mastering Google Adsense for earning money, as Adsense can be financially lucrative.

With the consent of website owner small contextual ads are published which is known as Google Adsense. The ads are created for selling products and/or creating brand awareness by publishers. Adwords is what these ads are termed and it is a program sponsored by Google.

Google Adwords and Adsense operate in parallel. The person who created the ad pays Google a predetermined price every time someone who does a search on Google or one of their affiliate networks clicks on one of the sponsored ads. This is where the term “pay per click” comes from.

The Adsense program allows the owner of the website where the Adwords ads appear to split the amount of money that Google has taken from the creator of the ad. The size of this percentage split is a secret, but for our calculations we will assume 50%.

Google and the host of the website split the money paid by the publisher. So if a publisher paid .40 per click for his Adwords ad, then the host of the website who welcomed Adsense can expect to get .20 and Google gets to keep the other .20 every time someone clicks on the ad that appears on the host’s website. So basically it is a partnership of sorts between Google and website owners.

Adsense is shown in the most relevant way possible. How is this achieved? The easiest way to see this is by looking at an example. Mary hosts a website dedicated to women’s clothing. If the Google Adsense scheme was deployed on Mary’s website, the ads would all revolve around clothing, and in particular women’s clothing. If she had a page devoted to shoes, then any Adsense ad on that page would be for women’s shoes.

So how is the price per click determined? The Adwords side of the equation kicks in here. Publishers who create Adwords bid on keywords. The publisher will pay more per click depending upon how lucrative or sought after the keyword is. Keywords can be as high as $50 and above per click or as low as a few cents per click.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how a popular website with a lot of traffic can make quite a bit of money through Google Adsense. The sole purpose of some sites is to generate revenue through Adsense ads. More than $10,000 a month can be earned through clever use of Adsense!

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- Edward M. Brancheau

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