Make Your Guests Happy With This Basement Idea

Do you frequently have friends and family over with no place for them to stay? Using these basement remodeling ideas will provide your guests with a space to call their own.

I am sure you know how odd it can feel when you visit someone and you don’t have anywhere to sleep. You either end up taking someone else’s room or you sleep on the sofa. Give your guests some much needed relief by giving them a space of their very own.

In order for this basement idea to work, you will need to clean out your basement. Here is what you will need to get this basement project underway. – Paint for the walls – A heavy duty rug or perhaps even carpet – Some bedding for your guest bed – A comfy sofa or a couple chairs to give your guests a sitting area – If you feel like providing refreshments you can put a small dorm-sized refrigerator in there as well. – A side table with a clock – A receipt book to provide your guests with their bill… just kidding!

Paint the walls in the color you have picked out. Try to coordinate the colors with the bedding, the walls, and the sofa or chairs. As an example, choose what color you like best in your bed cover and match it to your walls.

Install your floors, or hire a professional to do it for you. Now you are ready to move the furniture in. Organize it nicely, to maximize space, and devote some extra effort to making it look great.

There are some finishing touches you can add to your guest room to make it even more special. Add a coffee pot in the room and some great flavored coffee. Make sure to add a mug or two to go with it.

Putting a small television in the room will give your guests the ability to watch some television late a night without get in the way of everyone else.

Your guests will no longer feel like they are getting in the way, or kicking someone out of their own room. This is a great basement remodeling idea, especially if you have a lot of guests around the holidays. Have fun and enjoy your guests.

Want more great ideas for your basement? Visit Basement Ideas for more basement designs, tips and advice.

- Amy G

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