Make Money: A Beginner’s Tale

A retired friend of mine has recently slipped on some ice and broke his hip. Fortunately, with the aid of modern medicine, my friend received a new hip. Along with his new hip, he also has received more expenses that insurance did not cover. In his retirement, he does not have enough extra money to afford these new expenses. He is trying to earn extra money before he is released from the hospital with the aid of his laptop.

Since he had no notion of where to begin, and since many people had spoken to him about making money online, he typed “make money” into a search engine. Luckily, some magazines and newspapers had warned him about potential dangers, so he was aware of some of the dishonest techniques people use to attract potential dupes.

There were loads of search results relating to putting advertising materials into envelopes. He had been warned about people who post such job offers. They tell you that you will earn quickly and some say that you will be paid a certain fee per mailing…or at least it seems so before you read the applicable conditions. The fee depends on recipients buying something because of your mailings. The statistics on this are not promising. Even worse, you are sometimes expected to fork over your own hard-earned currency for the envelopes and the advertising materials!

Other suspicious propositions came up. Many involved putting up cash to earn money by filling out surveys. He was aware that the possibility for earning from this existed, since he was already enrolled on a website on which he earned a little bit for every survey he filled out. They even sent him trial products occasionally. But he was also aware that the sites that were aboveboard didn’t require you to put up money for this. As an alternative, he located some useful suggestions on bulletin boards, on forums, and in chat rooms.

The next thing he did was to look at sites that pay you to write. He found some possibilities, but it would take too much time. Then, he decided that since he was already writing for his own blog, it’s about his fall and the resulting issues, he should make money from it. He looked into accepting ads on his blog and decided that was what he wanted to do to make money.

Since the ads only pay off if people see and click them, he decided to get more traffic. To get others with similar interests to come and read, and see the ads, where allowed, he started posting the links to his blogs in several forums. To attract more traffic he began to learn key words and add them in is posts. Gradually, money is being made with his ads. Next, opening an online shop to sell homemade wood toys, is what he’s thinking about.

Many people first learn about how to earn some extra money using online search engines. For those who need to make money, this is always a good starting point. However, many plans for making money online are dupes and fakes, so you have to be careful. The best ways to do so are posting ads on your site for people to click on. Every time someone does, a small amount of money is credited to you. By managing your site traffic correctly, you can gradually being to make some more money.

- Richard Lee

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