Looking At Your Blog From A Reader’s Perspective

There are a great deal of icons available to link a post to numerous, often obscure social media sites. That being said, do you really want an icon for every site just because there are plug-ins that allow you to do so? In the end your post might look like a Christmas tree with the amount of icons at the end of it.

Encouraging your blog visitors to show their support in as many ways as possible seems like the right idea, but is it? Telling them to digg it, rank it at stumble upon, bookmark it and mention it to their friends seems like a straight forward plan.

Place yourself in your reader’s saddle and ponder if the numerous links on your site serve any special purpose to delight them? If not, then remove them.

Having a well set up tool bar is often a better and faster method then searching for hard to find icons on a social media site. That being said, do you think your icons are necessary if your readers already have a toolbar installed?

Many readers won’t recognize some or all of the social networking sites. If they do decide to click on the icon and sign up for the services, there is little chance that they will then think to return to your page and vote for your blog.

Besides self-highlighting, do you think that many more people will actually spend time to highlight your post on different social media sites?

Therefore does it pay to have these icons using so much space on your blog? Obviously the right approach is to test it. Google Analytics can be used to record clicks on outbound links.

That said, you should occasionally encourage your readers to digg your post on a single service that you are targeting for that particular post.

What do you think? Are social bookmarking icons just a nuisance or are they a useful tool? Click over to my blog and add your two cents.

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- Nick Dalton

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