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With your own house, you can deposit your collateral as security. A homeowner loan is a secured loan by nature where the borrower deposits his house as security to the lender. The money you avail from a homeowner loan can be used for any purpose for example if one is planning a major purchase, medical expenses, and education fees or for venturing into a new project. Many people use the money from a homeowner loan for house projects and renovations. Some people use their loan for consolidating their existing loans. Beware of those who charge a fee before you even apply for the homeowner loan.

Homeowner loan is often secured and have more advantages than an unsecured loan. As the borrower is securing his house as collateral, the lender is at a lower risk and therefore can afford to provide you with very low interest rates. As long as your asset remains as a security with the lender, a UK secured homeowner loan can be quite flexible and used to your advantage. With a homeowner loan, you often have more time to pay the loan back. Another advantage of this loan is that you can avail a larger amount of money as per your financial requirements.

It is important to ask yourself why you need or want a homeowner loan. For example if one is availing the homeowner loan for paying off his debts, he should calculate the amount and other interest pending. If you are availing the loan for renovating your house, you should estimate the total cost to be incurred. Figure out how and if you can pay back the secured homeowner loan.

The main criteria for availing a homeowner loan are that you should have a house or other asset to secure as collateral and secondly you should have a stable job with a fixed monthly income to prove your capability to repay the loan. Even If you have a bad credit history, have bad debts, self employed, no proof of income, CCJs you can also avail such a loan.

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- Cryler Nolton

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