Landscaping Your Home To Increase Curb Appeal Increase Curb Appeal

Retailers often use the words “curb appeal” to talk about how a house generally appeals to the buyers. However, people who are selling a house often don’t truly understand what the word means, or don’t take its significance seriously. But if you don’t pay attention to curb appeal, you can lose money and time, since the market of today is highly competitive. What you need to know is that curb appeal is what differentiates a house that just sits on the market and one that sells quickly. But how do we define curb appeal? To state it briefly, curb appeal is the way that your house makes an impression to a possible buyer when they enter the driveway for the first time. Curb appeal provides a “wow factor” and make your home seem different than its similar competitors in the neighborhood, town, or city. To heighten the curb appeal of your house, try the simple act of landscaping. Adding foliage, shrubs, and trees, as well as other good looking landscaping helps create an attractive backdrop for your house, as well as will lead to a good return on your investment.

Think Green: since your lawn is the core of your property, you should pay attention to it first. When a house is surrounded by a beautiful, well-tended, lush lawn, buyers get an instant good impression of it. Since many buyers are trying to locate a home that is very close to “move-in condition”, they will shy away from a home with a brown, weedy, overgrown yard, since they will be worried that it will cost money and time to fix it. If your lawn does not look good, buyers will receive a negative impression. It is important not to allow potential buyers to think about whether your home might have other issues to take care of before they even walk through your entrance way. Before a home is placed on the market, you should look carefully at your lawn to take care of any of its problem areas. Trim unattractive brown patches and weeds. Put down some new sod anywhere you need to. Obviously, you must also care for your lawn by regularly watering, fertilizing, and mowing it.

Trees and shrubs add appeal: If you select the perfect shrubs and trees for your property, you can really heighten the appeal of your home. Look to shrubs and trees to create beauty, privacy, and shade; there are many inexpensive options available. Draught-hardy shrubs and trees like Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, and Palms, are nice because you don’t need to water them very often — they do very well in Florida’s weather. Before you buy any shrubs or trees, examine the light patterns on your landscape in order to choose shrubs and trees which thrive in the correct conditions (some need direct light, and some need indirect light or full shade). How do you know what kind of sunlight a plant will need? Take a close look at how they are positioned at the plant shop. If you see that they are displayed in shade, they will need shade on your property; if they are displayed in full sun, they will need full sun on your property.

Stop to Smell the Flowers: flowers are wonderful because they add a dash of attractive seasonal color to your property. In addition, some types of flowers such as Gardenia and Jasmine create delicious scents around your house. You may want to consider ponds, fountains, and other garden accessories, because buyers really like them, but you won’t want to go overboard. Some lawn accessories are just tacky, such as flamingos, garden gnomes, and whirling accessories. When trying to select flowers, make sure to think about their light requirements. Since flowers are often less tough than shrubs and trees, they can be vulnerable to the quality of your soil and lighting issues. In addition, a good, inexpensive flower choice is perennials, since if they are correctly cared for, they will bloom yearly, unlike annuals, which only last for a single season.

Add a bit of polish: bring all these elements together by mulching. Most landscapers mulch flower beds and paths in their decor because of this. You can use cedar mulch, which makes your landscaping look more “polished”, as well as helps guard plants from insects and weeds, and helps protect roots. Mulching is simple and cheap, even for people who have never done it before. You can locate mulch at most garden shops and home improvement shops.

The “wow” factor: one of the simplest ways to make your home seem appealing and different from other houses on the market is to use landscaping. A well taken care of lawn with correctly positioned trees and shrubs, as well as flower beds with mulch, helps make sure that your home impresses potential buyers when they first see it. This positive impression of your landscaping can help potential buyers make a quick offer, since it lingers even when they are looking at the inside of your house.

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