Is it legal to put a bumper sticker on your back window in Texas?

Just answered a question on the legality of having a bumper sticker in the back window of a car in Texas. In the course of looking for an answer, this is what I came across. Thought I’d share.

Is it legal to put a bumper sticker on your back window in Texas?

I have a bumper sticker that can only stick from the inside facing out. It’s maybe 10 inches by 9 inches. Is it legal to put that in the corner of my back window of my vehicle in Texas?

My answer: I think you should be okay with the bumper sticker. I would check with a cop on the street if you’re nervous, unless of course you don’t like cops. I’ve never had any problem with bumper stickers in my back window as long as it didn’t obstruct my rear view mirror. Here’s an interesting fact I found though when trying to answer you question.

People who opt to exhibit their individuality through these decals often take part in more acts of road rage. Colorado State University social psychologist, William Szlemko, found that aggressive driving is linked to the number of markers a person has on his/her car, regardless of the messages portrayed. He says this idea is linked to the idea of territoriality. The more individualized the car, the more the person tends to think of public roads as his/her own.

So, while it may be legal, watch out for those road ragers -

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