Injuries Prompted By Low Underpassess

Underpass Accidents

Find a qualified personal injury law firm in Liberty County that fights for people injured in trucking incidents, such as incidents due to trucks trying to pass beneath a low bridge. Choose a competent accident attorney that will look for compensation for the discomfort, suffering, medical related costs, lost earnings along with other expenses of their accident.

You might be better off finding a law firm with practical experience with complex and prolonged cases and considerable resources. If you have been injured or someone you care about was killed in a truck accident, including one due to falling debris, contact an excellent personal injury attorney in Savannah.

Examples of Underpass Accidents

There are numerous variations on underpass accidents. The main factor for all these types of situations is usually that the underpass is too low to allow for a truck, but this might occur for a number of reasons:

  • Truck traveling with goods too high for the underpass, causing damage to roadway and cars above it
  • Flatbed truck load knocked off the structure, falling on other vehicles
  • Truck becomes trapped in the underpass and other vehicles crash into it because lights and reflectors aren’t showing
  • Trailer top peeled off, spilling contents of trailer onto roadway and causing obstacles for other drivers

Incidents like these can occur mainly because a truck attempts to bypass a weigh station by traveling on smaller roads. Truck drivers may not notice a low-clearance warning sign, or the warning sign could possibly be missing. The truck may be speeding to make up time because of an bonus for early delivery. The load on a flatbed might not have been secured correctly and very easily pushed off, even by lightly brushing the top of the underpass.

A competent attorney will investigate such accidents by methods like interviewing witnesses, consulting accident reconstruction professionals, studying the scene and looking at the track record of the driver. Find an excellent injury attorney to ascertain if appropriate warning signs were obvious. A skilled law firm can find out whether the driver was overdue and working to make up time and consider all angles to build a compelling case for a client injured in a low-clearance incident.

Find out if you’ve got a case after being injured because of a truck attempting to go through a low underpass. Speak to a good Fort Stewart Georgia accident lawyer.

Select Personal Injury Law Firms in Savannah GA today if you have been injured by an accidental injury.

A Serious Injury Lawyer in Savannah may be able to help get you the compensation that’s rightfully yours.

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