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Successful websites require traffic, and traffic comes from ongoing marketing. This may include: keyword analysis, search engine optimization, reciprocal links, advertising, PR campaign, online tools, widgets, and cross-media blending. If you plan to spend money on your website, you should make sure that people will find it. You can buy website traffic only as a temporary solution costing anywhere from $0 to $1 per hit. The best way to start is, probably, to analyze high traffic sites. Their server log files would tell you exactly how to increase traffic and where it’s coming from.

Popular search engines are generally the source of the majority of targeted website traffic for internet sites. Another significant portion comes from linking from other sites that have high traffic, or from a large assortment of smaller sites. Analyzing the patterns of incoming traffic on a busy website is not as important as figuring out how to duplicate its performance to increase your search engine rank. Generally your incoming linkage will automatically increase as traffic to your website increases, which in turn increases your search engine rank. They work together in a cyclical nature increasing each other and continuing the cycle.

When examining the log files of search engines to figure out how high traffic sites obtain so many hits, one will find that the range of keywords or phrases that register certains sites can wide. This creates a greater number of hits. To increase traffic on a site the site owner will use a domain name that is itself a keyword. Pages will definitely rank higher if they follow this strategy.

Knowing the definition and reasons for popularity, you can apply these principles to help increase traffic to your website. One needs to start by optimizing web pages for major search engines, and by building a large number of web pages with a wide range of related keywords. If you use specialize tools, you can create and generate any number of web pages with the specific keywords in the exact places in the page’s context, adjusted for density. Once this has been completed, you can show whether your present rank has improved or not with a quick page analysis.

Following links posted from neighboring websites, reading print magazines, and word of mouth are all ways that people use to locate websites. All of these methods, however, are typically supplementary to the use of online search engines. It is imperative that a webmaster bring in traffic from search engines; it may well be the one thing you cannot eliminate from a site’s success driver without ruining it! There exists no other form of marketing that is so powerful, effective, or affordable.

A part of the task is getting the content up. The other part requires you to close the sale once the visitor arrives. The most important factors are presentation and usability. If your site does not look professionally, it is difficult to navigate, or the consumer cannot find what they’re looking for within seconds, then they quickly move on to the next available option.

The way to increase traffic is to continually market your website. A short-term solution to increasing traffic to your website is to buy website traffic. Most sites get a large proportion of their targeted website traffic from popular search engines. Another large portion of traffic comes from incoming links from other high traffic sites or from hundreds and thousands of smaller sites. Typically, once you have a lot of search engine traffic, your incoming links network will grow automatically. And link popularity, in its turn, boosts search engine rankings. Search engines are not humans.

- Mike Leinweber

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