Human Resource Management Benefits Both Employees And Employers

The pivotal role performed by human resource management (HRM) is important for the success of all businesses, no matter what their size. Hiring, recruitment and training are just some of the many functions involved, as well as the management of performance related matters.

A company’s success is dependent on its employees. A good human resource manager can be discerning enough to ensure that a business employs only those people who will help the company go forward and thrive. They will look for the best and the brightest employees. It will not be difficult for them to find the employees who would conform to the company culture and be amicable with the other employees in the company.

Managing employee benefits is another important function that is controlled by human resource management. Employee benefits can involve quite a bit of paperwork and organization. Also, since most benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance, etc, are controlled by privatized companies it is important that the your company shops around for the best benefit packages available. A good benefit package should give employees the benefits they need while making sure that they are not paying for things that they don’t need.

Employee’s morale is another important unseen attitude that can be assessed and withheld by proper human resource management. Through creative programming a HRM team can improve employee’s morale for improvement, without any cost at all. Programs such as company Christman parties, company softball teams, and company picnics can have good effects in terms of improving employees relationship and team building

As we know good comes the bad .Sometimes a company will suffer due to bad performance of the employee.In that cases HR has to intervene. Another step can be taken by the handling performance team that can take disciplinary action against the employee ,recommend counselling ,or make the decision to let an employee go.So there are number of ways to handle the poorly performing employee and its really good to have experts to handle these typical sitution

A good human resource management team is able to provide a business with many valuable services. All businesses operate as a team, with employees, clients, management, engineers and human resource specialists. All of these groups coming together, with a common goal, are necessary elements of a good, successful business.

In sum a good Human resource management helps in development of a company. And human resource manager is the one person who is responsible to sort out most of the dispute among people. So a good hrm technique by a HR manager helps in good inter personal relation among employees. So as mentioned good HR management team helps in development of the organization. As mentioned a manager should look into different areas where an employee is involved so a good management technique should be followed by the manager while looking into those areas. And finally HR is a valuable asset for a company and should be managed properly.

- George H. Purdy

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