How Traffic Exchanges Work And How You Can Benefit

How do traffic exchanges work and why would I use one? This is a common question asked by people or business’s who own web sites. Using a traffic exchange can often have benefits for both private individuals and web-based companies, but most people are a little vague on exactly how traffic exchanges work.

Traffic exchange web sites get submissions from people who own or run web sites so that they can join a traffic exchange network. The person who submitted their web site can then earn credits by looking at other sites in the traffic exchange network. In return, other members of the traffic exchange network will browse your site, increasing your traffic. Therefore the benefit is mutual as all the sites in the traffic exchange network get increased traffic. This is the basic principle of how traffic exchanges work.

Traffic exchanges let web sites earn a certain amount of credit and maintain a credit ratio. A credit ratio determines how many web sites you have to look at to get one hit on your own web site, and a lot of traffic exchange sites have an option, where you can purchase an upgraded account, so you have to view fewer sites to get an extra hit on your site. The upgraded account gives you a better credit ratio.

There is an additional benefit to being in a traffic exchange network. Since most of the sites in such a network are similar, you can browse other interesting websites and keep a close eye on the sites belonging to your competitors.

The best traffic exchange programs are free to join, but most also feature the notion of a paid upgraded account that offers special features and increased credits. They also encourage you to refer people from your site to other sites in the network and build up credits this way. This referral system is probably the best way to use a traffic exchange in order to reap maximum benefits in regards to earning credits. However, advertising a concise splash page or landing page with eye catching graphics, including an auto- responder form to capture a name and email address to build your opt-in list is absolutely the best way to benefit the most from a traffic exchange.

As you can see, the basic concept of how traffic exchanges work is quite simple. But who uses traffic exchange programs? The main users are small business owners or marketers who either want to use the system to get free advertising or to use the exchange program to get a wider audience for low budget advertising campaigns. It is also possible to simply purchase credit from the traffic exchange site rather than surfing the other web sites to earn it.

How traffic exchanges work is through mutual benefit. You build credit to get your site advertised on other sites by browsing other pages in the network, or advertising those pages on your page. The best traffic exchange is one that offers free membership. The best way to use a traffic exchange is the referral system, where you receive credits when the people you referred to the exchange receive credit. This is the fastest way to build up your own credits. Traffic exchanges are extensively used by small businesses that have a low marketing budget.

- Mike Leinweber

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