How to Write Your Resume Objective

Objective: To write a useful article that will help resume writers grab the attention of interviewers by using a compelling resume objective.

The first thing people will notice when reading your resume is the objective. A good objective will be concise, upbeat, and grab the reader’s attention.

It must be tailored to the position for which you’re applying… show the reader that you want to work for them. To write that perfect objective, here are some tips:

Keep the objective neutral, and state what the job is that you are seeking. Don’t talk about your own desires, but instead state what you can do for the company.

So instead of writing a statement like, “A position where I can use my skills and grow, etc.”, be more specific about the job itself. Instead, write something like, “A position as an administrative assistant in a professional office environment. When it comes to your objective, focus on the job and the company. What would the manager want from his or her new employee? Keep this question in mind.

One title per resume! Don’t make this a list of all the different things you can do. Use the resume objective to answer specifically the question, “What job do you want?”

Keep it short. The objective should be no more than one sentence. Two sentences will serve fine as long as both are short and to the point. Remember, a long objective is not going to get any attention.

This is not the place to angle for a promotion before you’ve already gotten this job! Everyone wants opportunities to advance, and everyone knows it. Don’t state the obvious here. In your objective, don’t tell them that you’re responsible and hard-working; that ought to be redundant. Hopefully this will show up in your skill and experience!

If you keep these tips in mind and write your resume objective from the employer’s point of view, you will be one step closer to the perfect job!

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- Carlie Evie

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