How To Make Excellent Business Cards

If you are a business professional then you will need a professional looking business card to represent yourself and what you do. Many people that are in business for themselves and also people that work for other larger businesses need business cards. Your card is a short introduction that can share a small to moderate amount of information about you. They need not be expensive or fancy to be effective.

A business card is said to be much like a traveling billboard. But you much have the right information to get people to stop and read it.

The importance of your business card cannot be stressed enough. It is going to be your future clients’ first encounter with you and your business and whatever type of card you give them is going to give you only one of two things – good publicity or bad publicity. In show business, there is no definite distinction between the two, but when you’re in business, it can mean the world. In fact, that distinction can make or break businessmen as if it were the most natural thing that could ever happen. When you want to be sure you get the good one and not the bad, make good business cards.

So what make good business cards? There can also only be two things:

Design and Layout.

By all means, your card should be neat and professionally designed with your contact information laid out in an organized manner. For example, if you’re going to have your contact information on the bottom portion of the card, put all contact information there. Do not have your phone number on top, your address below your name, and your email at the bottom. People appreciate organized businessmen and a simple business card can leave many signs.

Creativity-based professionals such as graphics artists and web designers should showcase their artistry in their design but shouldn’t overdo it either. For those who offer non-creative products or services, a subdued design is often well-received.

Another vital consideration in a business card layout is the way the business logo is presented. It should always be the most prominent part of any card and should not take the backseat even to the person’s name. After all, it is the business that a client should be interested in and not necessarily the one who represents it. Still, the credibility of the one handing the card is of great significance.


The other essential ingredient of a good business card is function. Whereas before, cards would only bear the holder’s name, contact information and the business he stands for, these days, you can always put in a convenient amount of other information that could be helpful for the business.

For example, you can have business cards that are printed on both sides. One side may be for your name, your business name and your contact information while the other side may contain details about your products or services, how you aim to provide something more than what your competitors can offer, and the reasons why they should choose you instead of them.

Of course, you will have to find a way to condense all that information together to make it fit a normal-sized card. You don’t really have to put in complete sentences – just clearly stated details in bullets will go a long way.

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