How to Make a Podcast Ready for Publishing

Podcasting is one of the latest technological Internet trends. Due to the fact that making a podcast is based on RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and its simplicity in creation, it is likely that this technology will be well-used.

Follow the step-by-step guide outlined below to teach you how to make a podcast by creating your audio and converting it to MP3:

1. Create the audio content you wish to use

You may want to use any of the following to make your recording: music, audio books, lectures, sermons, interviews, radio-type shows, etc.

Podcasting allows you to use any configuration of audio you desire. This is one great positive about podcasting. It also doesn’t matter what software you use to record your audio content. However, a great program to use for IBMs is called Audacity. It is a free, open-source and lets you mix a variety of audio files.

For Macintosh, GarageBand is a great option because it too is free and useful. Make sure to save your audio at the highest quality possible in the original format of the audio. Having a high quality audio allows you to go back and edit your content if needed, or use it again.

2. Convert the file to MP3 format

After you have recorded your audio content, the next step is saving it into MP3 format. For podcasting, the standard format is MP3. Most people only use MP3 formatting, so if you have an important reason for using another format, no one else will be able to use your podcast.

It is best to use the minimum bit rate to get your wanted results. Here are some recommended settings: For audio books, talk radio, interviews, sermons, etc., use 48-56k mono For music, music and talk combos, use 64k stereo For higher quality music, use 128K stereo

Make sure you use an .mp3 file extension when you save. Now you have the knowledge on how to make a podcast that is ready for publishing.

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- Jessica R

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