How to Make a Podcast Feed For Your Listeners

So you have an MP3 file and you want to get it published on the internet. This article will go through the steps on how to make a podcast by getting your message out to the masses.

1. Make your MP3 recording public Next, you will want to save your MP3 files onto a web server. Then, you will want to test them with any MP3 player for quality. To navigate on your site, make it easy for others to find your files by making a directory, or in an organized place.

2. Create your podcast news feed In addition to publishing your recording, you will need to have a text file that describes your podcast. You will need to use RSS files to do this. You can use any text editor to create your podcast news feed; however, most podcasters use a blogging program to automatically produce news feeds. Most podcasters use a blogging program which inevitably produces news feeds; however, you can use any text editor to produce yours.

All you need to do next is create a reference enclosure for each MP3 file you publish. You can use the URL of the audio content as your reference enclosure. For additional ease, some people use blogging tools to help them create reference enclosures, if they are supported.

You can edit your RSS file with any text editor if your blogging tool doesn’t support reference enclosures. An RSS news feed normally contains items such as: title, link, and description. The title, link, and description provide important information about the content of the audio file referenced by the URL. Make sure to save your RSS file with an .rss or .xml extension.

3. Publish the podcast news feed Transferring your RSS file to your webserver is the last thing that is required for you to make a podcast. You will need to validate your content using an online RSS validator. Your podcast will be ready to be published when your news feed is considered valid.

That is how you make a podcast in a nutshell!

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- Jessica P

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