How To Build a Patio for Cheap

Want to build a patio, but don’t have much money to spare? Here are a few tips that will help you build a patio as cheaply as possible.

1.) Patios can be beautiful no matter what you use to build them. If you really like the look of stone, there are a couple of things you can do. You can actually get the same look at feel of stone without the high price tag that usually comes along with it. Use broken pieces of paving stones. Place them together like a mosaic on your patio area. You can then spray paint them different colors that are neutral and natural like stone.

2.) Check your local garden supply stores for paving stones after summer. This is because they are in high demand during the summer and when it is over the prices usually drop. After Summer, everything gets marked down. So, this is your chance to sneak in and get paving stones and other garden supply items at a discounted price.

3.) If you’re going to have a patio poured, look for times when cement companies are not as busy as normal. Their workload is also higher during the spring and summer so waiting until fall or winter works best. You may not be considering your patio during the winter, but with a little planning ahead you can get fantastic discounts from the cement companies. Of course if you do not want to wait, you can always learn how to build a patio on your own using some bagged concrete.

4.) Consider learning how to build a patio with lower grade concrete. This is much cheaper than some of the higher grades, and can be every bit as beautiful. This will be even cheaper if you do it yourself.

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- Jessica P

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