How To Avoid The Google Slap: Avoid Problems

Because ad space on Google gets pretty expensive for links leading to sites without much content, businesses trying to draw eyeballs to just that sort of page have coined the term “Google slap” to describe the cost. With ad prices determined by a quality score, pages consisting of lists of links with little or no useful content get charged heavily for clicks – up to ten dollars. With lack of quality translating into lack of profits, advertisers have one question on their minds: how to avoid the google slap.

The question is: how do you avoid getting slapped down by without having to spend too much. The best answer is simple – add content, preferably content that will appeal to people who have reached your site by clicking on a link. This should boost your quality score. Please remember, though, that throwing together a jumble of keywords is not content; you must actually write it. You should give the visitor a site that is both pleasant and has the information they want.

Combining advertisements with content will lead to a violation of google’s terms, so be sure to separate the two. The visitor may be required to provide an email address in order to access the rest of your site. Knowing how to avoid the google slap is important — simply provide a preview of the content the user will see after they provide their information.

Another way to improve your rank on google is to place links to your page on popular websites, thereby increasing the number of visitors to your own site. When doing this, by mindful about how to avoid the google slap, which can happen if you link to ad-only webpages. A wonderful way to avoid the google slap would be to place a link to your page on a place like a traffic exchange.

Having problems with using google? That is not uncommon for those just getting started with online advertising. Becoming well acquainted with google’s terms of service is crucial, because it will allow you to avoid unexpected advertising costs while taking advantage of the moneymaking opportunities that internet marketing provides.

There are articles and e-books all over the Internet promising to tell you the secrets of how to avoid the google slap. Google’s own terms and conditions are the best place to start. If you are interested in making money and promoting your business, it’s worth the time it takes to learn these rules.

The “google slap” has become one of the most dreaded phrases in an internet advertiser’s vocabulary. Google charges high premiums for links leading to sites with low or no content. This recent attempt to improve quality has many advertisers wondering how to avoid the google slap. So how do you employ a workaround to the google slap without sacrificing your hard-earned cash? The best ways are to add useful content while separating the content from the advertisements, and to read Google’s own terms and conditions page. If you’re interested in promoting your business while avoiding problems with using google, it’s vital to learn and understand these rules.

- Mike Leinweber

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