How I Went About Pruning My Fruit Tree

Pruning fruit trees is very important. It allows the sun to reach all areas of the tree so that the fruit will be better and the tree will live longer Swearing that I wouldn’t call someone to do the job for me, I armed myself with my best sewing scissors and a ladder. Thirty minutes and a pinched thumb later, I managed to get the ladder set up. I felt like Jack on the beanstalk when I climbed up that thing.

When I reached the first limb, I realized I knew nothing about pruning fruit trees but I figured it couldn’t be that hard. I attempted to cut a smaller limb from my tree, and realized that the scissors wouldn’t do the job. So I got my husband’s chain saw.

It had to be better than my scissors, right? The problem was, I didn’t know it would be so loud and it startled me. I tossed it on the ground. Lucky for me the grass is soft, because I topped off the ladder afterwards. I went back up the ladder with the chain saw (not before cursing the noisy thing) and started again. I was ready this time.

Once again, I tried cutting that smaller limb. Did you know that chain saws are very sharp? I succeeded in taking out six limbs and cut halfway into another one, entirely by accident. Oh man, this really ticked me off. My precious tree! 1/4th of it was on the ground. Never mind the fact that I now had a big scratch on my forehead after one of the falling limbs struck me there. But I wasn’t about to give up.

How hard can pruning fruit trees possibly be? Getting the hedge shears, I climbed up in the tree this time. As I was going up, I kicked over the ladder by accident.

I was absolutely fuming as I waited until my husband found me in that bleeping fruit tree. I was bleeding from the head and had dirt all over my butt. My husband was laughing as I made my way back towards the house. I gave one last withering look to the tree and muttered, “Until next year!”

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- Jessica P

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