How do I Protect my computer from Spam and Viruses

Are there any things that you should consider before you outsource your email filtering services?

Many corporations depend on internet messages and email to stay in contact with their clients. However the emergence of spam is making this communication tool less effective as legitimate emails are being lost in all the inbox clutter.

In addition to spam there are other distractions such as malicious programs, “phishing”, and virused to deal with. Most people try to stop this threat by installing a email filter inhouse to filter unwanted email. This is often a fruitless exercise.

Market Research reveals that managed & hosted spam protection services has advantages over inhouse systems. Managed and hosted service providers are useful because they have teams of developers who can react to spam threats in a faster time frame than inhouse teams. Furthermore, hosted spam protection providers allow you to direct your message traffic to a third-party hosting location thereby totally protecting your own servers from mail that is unfiltered.

Ross Cooney is the co-founder and managing director of Rozmic Wireless Ltd. He began his career in Information Technology more than 11 years ago. Rozmic is a worldwide leader in spam protection services. This article was distributed on

- Ross Cooney

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