Home Security Door Locks: Pay Attention To The Mounts!

The majority of homeowners place an enormous value on security and wellbeing in their homes so ensuring safety and protection is a priority. Keeping out home invaders when at the residence and keeping burglars out is important. Home security door locks thus must be seen as a huge consideration as both the type of lock that is purchased and how it is installed matters.

Most people focus on the front door when considering home security; however, all exterior doors and windows need to be secure for true protection. Some places have special building codes that are specific to front doors. For example, rental properties might require deadbolts. Or, it might be against code to have a deadbolt that requires a key to leave.

It would be difficult for intruders to use to gain access to the home if double dead bolt home security locks are installed. If these locks are installed, it is not possible to knock out glass in or close to a door lock and just reach in to unlock the door. The only issue is if the key is misplaced or the person is cut off from reaching it and you are midst of a fire or other hazard, you won’t be able to escape. A lock called “captured key” has a feature that makes it like a double deadbolt when no one is inside but allows easy escape when someone is inside.

In order for home security door locks to be really effective, they must have a deadbolt that keeps the door from being opened even if the a burglar is able to pick the lock. However, the most important part of a good, secure lock is the way the strike plate or box is constructed that the bolt fits into. According to the majority of security experts, a bolt has to be a minimum of one inch or longer in order to hold even with kicking and prying the lock

An important component of home security door locks is the bolt. To help improve security, consider using a strike box instead of just a strike plate when installing the lock. The strike box can significantly improve the safety of the lock and is extremely cost effective at about $10 per door. To achieve the best installation results, use three inch long or better screws or nails when anchoring the strike box.

Cost-conscious consumers often find that a more expensive home security door lock is a more secure lock and justifies the higher initial investment. The fact that many of the high security steel locks can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure is appealing to buyers and has increased the popularity of this type of lock.

It is very important for all exterior doors and windows to be as well protected as possible. Special building code statutes that are written for front door locks exist in some areas. Examples of this include rental properties that require a deadbolt for the doors.Double dead bolt home security locks do a good job of keeping intruders from being able to break through window panes, reach in, and unlock doors from the inside Quality home security door locks mostly use a deadbolt style of lock that keeps the door locked, even when the lock is picked.

- Rex Freiberger

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