Home Security Door Lock: Why Choose Deadbolt Locks And How

People who live in a single family home have always been concerned about security. With crime on the increase this concern has become even greater. There are many types of home security door locks to choose from. In order to assist you, this article will review the different considerations that should be made when selecting a home security door lock.

There are several different kinds of locking mechanisms that are available at any hardware store. However, we suggest that you choose a deadlock mechanism for your home security door lock because breaking a deadlock requires more effort and up to 15 times more time as well. But your task doesn’t get much simpler as the variety in deadlocks is itself staggering.

Any home security lock based on the deadlock mechanism can be classified on the basis of cylinders contained in the mechanism. As per your requirement of strength and the size of the door, you can select from three major varieties-single cylinder deadbolt lock, double cylinder deadbolt lock, and single cylinder deadbolt with removable thumb-turn.

A home security door lock is one thing dependent on your budget. The money you can spend to purchase a deadbolt lock is important to determine what material will make up the deadbolt lock. Go for patented alloy steel over iron if you can afford it, it will make the lock sturdier and provide better safety.

You also need to choose between locks that allow the key to be inserted from both-inside and outside the door; or locks that allow the key to be inserted only from the outside. The second variety can complicate things in case you forget to carry the key-the key is not required for securing the lock but it is essential to open it! Selection of one-way key mechanism or two-way key mechanism is entirely based upon your personal views.

When making the choice in a deadbolt door lock consider what the key looks like. The key will tell you if the lock has multiple levers. Look to see if the key has a number of grooves. This is a good thing because it is harder for a crook to break into your home. We suggest a lock with at least seven levers made of a metal like brass.

A critical concern of homeowners is security. A challenging aspect is choosing a good home security door lock. A home security lock can come in several types, and is available at any hardware store. A deadlock mechanism is recommended because it is much harder to crack. If your budget can afford it, choose a deadbolt lock made of patented alloy steels over iron deadbolts, as it will give you a sturdier lock with better safety. A deadbolt door lock with at least seven levers is highly recommended as well to make it harder to crack.

- Rex Freiberger

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