Home Security Door Lock: Making Your Home Safe

The recent death of Sean Taylor, an American football player for the Washington Redskins of the NFL, by a gunshot wound received during a burglary on November 26,2007 was worldwide news. Prior to his murder, Taylor’s house was broken into on November 18. With this type on crime on the rise, it is prudent for all homeowners to review their house’s security and consider upgrading or improving their home security door lock.

If a burglar is trying to get into the house, they will naturally attempt to use the door first; it is an easy method and does not require complicated maneuvers with windows or other entrances. This is especially true for trained thieves, such as those who, police say, targeted Taylor at his home. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that your doors are secure with a good home security door lock.

If one wants to make sure that your house is save a deadbolt security lock is one of the best options. This is because these locks perform better than conventional locks and therefore provide more safety. In interviews done with known housebreakers many have said that if the first place where they attempt to enter has a deadbolt they would tend to rather choose a new target. This is the kind of deterrent you want in a home security door lock that you invest it.

When buying a lock for your home, think of its visibility. While you may not think a heavy duty front door lock looks attractive, that should be the least of your concerns. Safety, after all, is more important than decor. To be blunt, nobody is going to care how nice your house looks if it has been burglarized. Visible locks deter intruders; don’t be afraid to make your security known.

Besides having a very good home security door lock you can also take several other measures to keep your home secured. You can also install some security devices like alarms, camera systems, and motion detectors. There is nothing like being very safe and after all, the device recently installed by you is likely to make a difference between some undetected intruder and his being caught.

The death of Sean Taylor is a tragedy, but it can be a lesson for homeowners. Everyone, no matter how wealthy or privileged, can be a target for thieves. Home safety isn’t something that just people living in “bad neighborhoods” has to be concerned about. Everyone, with the help of a home security lock and other methods, needs to make sure that their home is safe and secure.

The most popular method of entry for thieves is the front door of the home. A home security door lock will help you to keep your house secure but there are other things that can be done as well. One of the best types of locks to get for one’s door is the deadbolt security lock. Remember that the conspicuous nature of a lock for your house is foremost in importance. A heavy duty front door lock may be a little bulky for your tastes, but security is more important than looks when it comes to your home.

- Rex Freiberger

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