Home Security Articles: Protecting Your Home And Family

The recent tragedy of the death of NFL player Sean Taylor in a home invasion has spawned many home security articles and much interest in security measures everyone can take to avoid such a disaster. For many, this will mean purchasing a new home security door lock with better features than what they now own.

In researching home security articles, readers will find many common elements. Many articles will state the importance of having a secure home security lock and making sure it is locked on all doors that lead outside. Many articles will also advocate for the use of alarm systems and home security services. However, using locks is the basis for a defending your home against break-ins.

A lock is useless if it is not secured, and everyone in the family needs to be trained to lock every door every time. Don’t make the mistake of hiding a key in an obvious place such as on a door frame, under a mat or in an easily detectable fake rock. If you really want a spare in case of accidental lockout, consider leaving one with a trusted neighbor or putting it in a coded lock box.

Articles about home security often talk about the various types of locks, including how much safety they provide. Obviously, an antiquated lock that uses a skeleton key is not the safest, but many current locks are also easy to break into. If one person can use a credit card to pick a lock, chances are most people are able to as well.

The box a security lock uses is also critical. It needs to be anchored into the door frame with 3″ or better nails or screws, and should be rated as “kick proof.” The bolt needs to be at least an inch and a half long as well. If there is glass nearby, a special lock is needed that can’t be opened by breaking glass and just reaching in. Be careful to see what local codes permit, of course.

Home Security Articles contain a theme on what should be done if locks and alarms fail when I am at home. If possible I could hide in the closet with my cell phone dialing 911.It is better not to directly face the intruder and remember the details of the intruder as far as possible.It is better not to face this situation by using strong locks.

Since the tragic death of NFL player Sean Taylor, there have been numerous home security articles and an increased interest in the security measures you can take to avoid such an occurrence. For many people, this will mean a new home security door lock that is an improvement over the one they currently have. An unsecured home security lock is pretty useless! If you feel the need to hide spare keys for those who lose them or forget to take them along, don’t place them under a mat, rock or other such place. Consider leaving spare keys with a trusted neighbor or put them in a coded lock box.

- Rex Freiberger

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