Employee Benefits Broker Dallas For You And Your Employees

Federal law is particularly complicated in the area of employee benefits. With the passage of ERISA in 1974, careful consideration of benefits became more important to employers. As an employee benefits broker in Dallas, Texas, Group Benefits Advisors help companies design cost-effective benefit plans for their employees. In our role as consultants, we keep up to date on changing economic trends and corporate financial matters, as well as new developments in legislation, regulation, and litigation.

GroupBenefitsAdvisors.com, a Dallas, Texas-based employee benefits consultant and broker, offers a variety of benefits options to its clients. Group health and medical insurance, dental and disability insurance, and 401(k) retirement and deferred compensation plans are all available to clients of GroupBenefitsAdvisors.com. Small- to medium-sized businesses will find profit sharing and deferred compensation plans, while large businesses will find pension plans and employee stock ownership plans to meet their needs.

Benefits lawyers’ experience on benefits issues relating to corporate spin-offs is extensive with experience in employee benefits issues in international transactions. Employee-choice benefit programs have been in vogue for a number of years. Group Benefits Advisors, as employee benefits broker Dallas, helps clients determine the best resources for addressing their benefits and administrative needs.

Employee benefits form an integral of the growth of any business. GroupBenefitsAdvisors.com covers benefits such as group health insurance, pension plans, group life and disability income plans. These benefits provide employees economic security and in return a company gets continued employee satisfaction and well-being within the company. A well-designed employee benefits plan helps to recruit and retain valuable employees. Designing an employee benefit plan is complicated, technical and involves a lot of time and expertise.

Many Dallas Fort Worth area employers are looking for ways to reduce the rate of skyrocketing health care costs in the U.S. To help employers reduce this increase, Group Benefits advisors are specliasts in providing employee benefit plans. Without changing the group health insurance provider, no reduction in total benefits to employees, our approach can save employers in Dalas an average $1,000 to $2,000 per employee, per year.

Group health insurance is a key element of any employee benefits plan. Employment-based health benefit programs have existed in the United States for more than 100 years. Under prevailing IRS Section 125 tax laws, health insurance premiums paid by employers can be deductible for employers as a business expense, and are excluded from workers’ taxable income.

In Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, and the rest of Texas, small- and mid-sized businesses that want to attract highly qualified employees should use an employee benefits consultant, such as GroupBenefitsAdvisors.com. Working with an employee benefits broker dallas that considers and understands employers’ needs and is able to design employee benefits plans to meet each company’s needs and budget allows companies to successfully compete against larger businesses that offer group health insurance coverage and employee benefits to attract quality employees.

There are many different aspects that employers need to take into account in order to have a successful business. One major aspect that is often overlooked is the employee benefits. If the employee benefits package is not overlooked it is often put together by the company itself. Having a group health insurance dallas, Texas without employing an employee benefits broker dallas, Texas could be a costly decision. There are so many laws and regulations that are relatively new to employers today. Thus it would be wise to hire an employee benefits consultant dallas, Texas. Businesses of every size can find this action profitable in saving money & retaining employees.

- Michael Chapman

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