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My husband was always angry due to the fact that he used to get lots of nasty unwanted email. He could never even find his emails from friends and family members because of all the spam cluttering up his inbox! Not only was it time consuming, but he also worried that opening the emails would cause his computer to be infected with viruses or malware.

When I told the IT department at work about his problems, a friend told us about the fully hosted email filtering provider He used to get lots of spam, too, until he made the decision to transfer to an ISP who could make sure that all of his email was protected. So we decided to give Rozmic a try.

Although I had personally never had so many problems with spam as my husband had, I was quickly amazed at how much easier it was to use email as a communications tool when my inbox only contained the emails I wanted! No ads, no junk, no email threats, no suspicious messages. works by mixing many resources into one amazingly powerful email protection system. It uses several spam and virus protection systems, along with custom blocking, and continuous monitoring to absolutely ensure you don’t get spam and viruses. No other system can filter all spam and viruses like they do. They can even predict what kinds of nasties might be a problem in the future and protect you against them, as well.

When we switched to Rozmic, we discovered that using their services was actually really cost effective – comparable with the price we were already paying for protection and email. It was easy to use since they support the mail servers you already use. They also provide top-notch technical service and can help you set up your email in a snap.

I now recommend to everybody that if they have an anti-virus program on their computer, they are not doing enough to stop time consumingspam and viruses. Not only is spam annoying, but it can also be a problem for IT security, increasing your risk of getting nasty viruses, which is why taking care of it is imperative. My husband’s daily frustration because he used to get lots of spam has evaporated, and we now get on with our job!

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- Sally Jacob

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