Effective Business Communication – How to Eliminate the Number One Obstacle

What if you had the power to influence other people’s actions and make a positive impact? Do you know what drives people to work towards a common goal? And what if they could have fun doing it? Even if you are an excellent communicator, or you have completed various business communication courses, or are thinking of enroll in one of these courses to take you to that next level, this article will help you learn something new. The first thing you will discover is how to create alignment with other people. How do we define alignment, and why would you align your goal with other people? Keep reading and we’ll reveal the secret to this little-known process that creates incredible results!

~ Alignment – It’s Not Just for Tires Anymore ~

Most of society only thinks about an alignment when they schedule their next tune up or vehicle service. However, “alignment” is encountered in other aspects of life that do not include vehicles. It does, however, operate in the same manner. In order for your vehicle to perform properly and over a period of time you must make sure that your tires are working together and in the same direction. The same can be said for any business relationship. A business can only flourish if all partners are on the same page–heading in the same destination.

This goes beyond just finding new ways to listen or even improving your general communications skills. Any kind of interaction with other people requires alignment to produce a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Think about it this way: in life, we go about our business, heading in our own directions while trying to achieve our own results. At the same time, we are all inter-connected with each other. As we try to achieve the results we want, our interconnections put limits on how far we can go in our own direction. Now, when we have alignment about what we want, and we start sharing the same vision, it makes it much easier to get the desired outcome. Alignment opens the way for greater success and mutual satisfaction.

~ Creating Internal Alignment ~

Be aware of the outcome you want and you will be able to align yourself with others. Realize and express what is of utmost importance to you. The first step in doing this is to identify hidden values in the outcome you desire. If you want all office personnel to get to a meeting 10 minutes early, then you might find that you place importance on effectiveness or consideration when you examine your motives. Keep in mind that there are values that make you want a particular outcome in the first place.

~ Talking About Alignment – Put Your Ideas to Work ~

After you have established are on core values, you need to find those that are of interest to both you and you’re your team. This analysis commence with the expression of the values you have determined as critical in your working place. You then question if those elements are meaningful to the other people, and if they are ready to take actions to create that sort of experience. This is the mechanism of coordinating your values- building a common vision. This common vision could be the following: working in a more agreeable environment or enhancing productivity. Once a common vision has been established, the next step is to developing policies to meet your set objectives.

Remember these crucial aspects during your alignment conversation.

It is paramount that everyone participates in this discussion with an open mind and a willingness to hear others without passing judgments. Let there be free flow of ideas and allow your colleagues to explain their personal priorities and aspiration in detail. At this stage, eliciting maximum information should be your priority. Then communicate to them what the organization’s vision and strategic plans are. Build an environment of trust and try to forget past failures. This conversation will help motivate them to work towards both, individual goals and organizational goals.

Include in the conversation:

A willingness to negotiate strategies that are mutually agreeable, a commitment to let go of judgments and/or criticisms, and an agreement to celebrate all wins that come from this conversation

Once everyone involved agrees on a vision, they can work toward one end result in a coordinated fashion, so that everyone can get what they want. This will make it easier to achieve those results and make everyone happy.

If everyone involved is making agreements from a shared vision, working together, and is cooperating, increase productivity will happen more quickly. Once this process starts rolling, fewer misunderstandings will occur and that always creates much more rewarding results for everyone involved.

Creating alignment is just one way we’ve found to actively create dynamic relationships and improve all your business communications. For more tips, suggestions and advice, sign up for our free thought-provoking and motivational Weekly Action Tips eMail series at: http://www.FocusedAttention.com/cmd.php?ad=317928. Each tip offers practical advice for creating the relationships that you really want. Or visit us at: http://www.FocusedAttention.com

- Beth Banning and Neill Gibson

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